Avoiding temptation

Avoiding temptation

I don’t keep any food in my house that could even remotely be considered junk. However, sometimes you are put in situations where the food on offer is out of your control, and most likely something you should not be putting in your mouth. Rather than resigning to temptation, ensure that you are always prepared to stay on track.

Just last week I was home alone and feeling completely fed up with my mundane chicken and broccoli. I had choked down dinner and wanted some form of carb, sweet or otherwise – anything I shouldn’t have been eating! The only problem is you won’t find anything but eggs, chicken and vegetables in my kitchen. There wasn’t even a piece of fruit around, and it was way too cold to venture outside for a chocolate bar. So it came down to the tantalising choice of either plain natural yoghurt or a handful of unsalted cashews.

The next day I had a chuckle to myself. I was glad I didn’t ruin my diet with that one moment of weakness and thankful that I no longer keep a secret stash of chocolate on hand! But it’s not always that easy.

For work, I attend A LOT of functions where all you will find is unhealthy food that my body will reject. At a financial event, it is the norm to be greeted with a spread of pastries and croissants for breakfast, cakes and pies for morning tea, and a three-course extravaganza served up as little as just one hour later. And let’s not forget about a sugar-filled afternoon tea, and the cocktails afterwards to celebrate an entire day of poor food options.

Sweet temptation...

But bankers seriously have to be the most unhealthy people I have ever met. I spent most of the long weekend working at the Australian Hair Expo. While there was an abundance of food there too, the crowd was noticeably more delicate about what they ate.

However, for someone with little self control, the expo would still have been a nightmare. The first event I attended was a breakfast seminar. For just four people, the table was filled with six croissants, eight large chocolate pastries, 10 baked apples, a whole basket of bread, a bowl of muesli and, to top it all of, bacon and eggs served fresh for each person. The food sat there for the entire two hours, and it takes a strong soul to have not devoured the entire table!

However, you should never have the urge to give in temptation if you are always prepared. If you always keep healthier alternatives on hand, you can keep your mouth and mind occupied. But if you’re not prepared, it is much easier to give in. For example, I take tupperware containers full of pre-measured meals with me everywhere.

Why would I ruin all my hard work by giving into temptation and eating something I wasn’t really craving in the first place? At least always have a protein shake on standby.

I’m constantly distracting my mouth with other things. During morning and afternoon tea breaks, I chew gum and make sure I have fed myself plenty of clean foods so I’m not hungry. I drink sparkling water when I’m at cocktail events – it looks like alcohol, and prevents me from looking like a complete social outcast.

After three excruciatingly long rest days, it was back in the gym today. I hammered my calves and quads, and got to do my favourite exercise: squats. I’m confident I’m the only girl in my gym who does barbell rack squats, and I feel so strong and sexy doing them – I certainly get a lot of attention whenever I do them!

Not quite this buff...but you get the idea!

I finished up the day with a Bikram yoga class. I love sweating out all the stress of my day and the five minutes of meditation at the end of class is a welcome relief.

But back to the main topic, have you ever eaten something you shouldn’t have just because it was there? Have you ever been pressured into eating like everyone else just to fit in?

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