Celebrities are liars

Celebrities are liars

For some reason unbeknown to me, it seems celebrities enjoy telling the media they are naturally slim. Rather than admitting to following a healthy lifestyle, the vast majority have a strange tendency to instead claim they eat whatever they want and never have to work out as a result of being blessed with good genes. But no matter what a celebrity tells you, 99 per cent of the time I can guarantee you they are lying.

Blake Lively has said she doesn’t exercise at all and eats whatever she wants. One notorious example was when she said she had a pork burrito, chips and Coke right before she filmed a scene for Gossip Girl in her underwear… Yeah right!

I bet she eats tonnes of burritos!

When asked about what she eats to maintain her super-svelte figure by the media, 90210‘s AnnaLynne McCord replied: “You’re just going to hate me. You’re going to be mad at me.” She then claimed she never stops eating, with her favourite foods including babyback ribs and mac and cheese. Oh, and of course, she avoids the gym like the plague.

Keira Knightley’s favourite foods include pasta, cheese and french fries. Whatever she needs to tell herself to dispel the anorexia rumours… There are more celebrities than I can name who claim to eat chocolate every single day. The worst part is that magazines like Women’s Health regularly regurgitate this nonsense.

While it is usually actresses and singers who uphold this ludicrous facade, sometimes it is others who let their fans down. I recently saw a ‘week in the life of’-type meal plan for the Australian Biggest Loser trainer, Michelle Bridges, here. I was sickened to read what she supposedly eats on a daily basis, including Special K for either breakfast or a snack. Her other snacks include coffee, a carrot, an apple and Vita-Weats, or, if she’s feeling extra daring, coffee and an apple at the same time!

Let’s not forget about the two glasses of wine she has on Friday night, the takeaway stir-fry followed by a packet of M&M’s on Sunday, or Saturday night’s bomb of dim sums, salt and pepper squid, mango sorbet and three glasses of wine!

The body that Special K built...

Why does someone that so many people look up to and turn to for advice irresponsibly feel the need to sell out and promote such an unrealistic, nutrient-lacking diet as the one above? People who are looking for help will follow a diet like this and wonder why they are gaining weight instead of getting ripped like Michelle. Never mind the fact that Michelle probably has not eaten a bowl of Special K in years, nor would she ever drink five glasses of wine in a week! As a weight lifter and runner, I can bet my life she would be eating protein with every single meal or snack – none of this vegies, fruit and Special K crap! She has said in her own fitness book that she rarely, if ever, drinks alcohol or eats dessert. I wonder how much Kelloggs paid her to sign her name below this drivel…

This brings me to what I hate more than anything: when celebrities publicly make blatantly contradictory statements. For example, I recently saw Kim Kardashian appear on the Ellen show, claiming that all she does for exercise is walk around in those ridiculous ‘Shape-up’ Skechers. She seemed to have forgotten the fact that she has, on several occasions, complained about the high amount of exercise she has to do to maintain her weight as well as promoting the daily workout of squats and lunges she does to get that booty.

In one interview, Gwyneth Paltrow said she pigs out on whatever she wants but just always makes sure she exercises every day for at least two hours. But elsewhere she has revealed her super-strict diet which mainly consists of vegies and rarely goes beyond 700 calories a day. It’s no surprise then that she has recently been diagnosed with osteopenia, the beginnings of osteoporosis.

Even if celebrities do have the genetically gifted bodies they purport to have, I’m sure their team of nutritionists and trainers would not allow them to stuff their faces with junk food all the time.

I also can’t stand it when celebrities promote extremely unhealthy short-term methods of losing weight: Beyonce and her maple syrup/cayenne pepper diet, Sarah Michelle and her cabbage soup diet, and the plethora of celebrities who swear by detoxing. You cannot detox your body. I could go on and on about this, but the important thing to remember is that your body has its own cleansing system and if you follow a healthy diet you will never need to “detox”. All of these diets are just quick fixes that will result in you regaining any weight lost the second you begin eating normally.

I truly admire the celebrities who admit that it takes a lot of sweat and discipline to get to where they are, and I honestly don’t understand why more people aren’t honest. Jessica Biel is in amazing shape but she doesn’t hide the fact she works out five times a week and maintains a clean, protein-rich diet year round. Madonna is 52 and in incredible shape, and she swears by eating only organic food and working out six days a week.

I’m 22, so I’m still at the age many celebrities can get away with attributing to a good metabolism. I admit that, while I do have a good metabolism, if I ate whatever I wanted I would never look better than average. When people ask me how to get legs or a stomach like mine, I tell them the truth and don’t sugar-coat it: through a lot of hard work!!

So why do you think celebrities lie? Is it a matter of them not wanting to reveal their secrets while keeping the masses fat and therefore ensuring their bodies remain unattainable?

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