To all the haters...

To all the haters…

Today was not a good day to piss me off. It was my monthly deadline at work, I had a migraine, and I strangely had no energy when I woke up meaning that my workout was pitiful and painful and left me feeling incredibly depressed. And then I get the same old idiots telling me that I’m crazy for wanting to be a body builder and that I’m going to develop more testosterone than a man. Seriously.

I’m so sick and tired of defending myself over and over again. I’m not training to be a body builder. I just lift weights and one day, if I can be more disciplined than 99 per cent of the population ever could, I might compete. That’s my business. Thanks for the warning, but it’s actually physically impossible for me to look like a man without taking steroids. Nor can you “grow” testosterone, so kindly shut up.

I don’t need to justify my actions to anyone. Why do people feel that it’s okay to ask me a million and one questions about my “diet” and mock me for being so disciplined? Would it be okay if I walked up to you and asked why you were shovelling McDonalds into your fat face? Why you are taking the lift when you clearly need to be taking the stairs? No? Then leave me the hell alone.

I eat lean protein, whole grains and vegetables, and a lot of it! When did that become a crime? How has food become so glorified in our society that I am frowned upon for eating natural foods and don’t feel the need to plate-up my meal Masterchef style night after night? Why are people so damn condescending when I tell them that, no, I don’t sit on the couch eating chocolate every night? I’m sorry that I’m a freak because I haven’t eaten fast food in years. I’m sorry that I actually like knowing what I’m ingesting and choose to do so in a healthy way. Food is fuel and not a sport.

My day ended with me having an online debate with someone who was determined to convince me that burritos and corn chips can be healthy if they are organic. Excuse me if I’m being ignorant, but never in my life have I seen a corn chip growing out of the earth. If it comes in a package, it is processed and has been made in a factory! Just because it has “healthy” and “low-fat” splashed on the package does not make it so. She claimed that burritos were healthy because they contain cheese and cream and therefore deliver healthy fats and calcium. Um…right. I can’t honestly believe there are people out there who can convince themselves such crap is true. If you’re going to have a debate with me about food, at least pick something where you’ve got half a chance like coconut oil.

Carry on pumping your 2kg weights because even on a crap day I can still squat 50 kilos. Keep pounding away at the treadmill, baffled by the fact that you can’t shift those last kilos. Go on and emulate the nonsensical diets celebrities promote. Continue to use your Ab Swing for two minutes a day and wonder why you don’t have a six-pack. Keep starving yourself, popping your pills and sipping your shakes and scratching your head when you end up worse off than when you started.

Shoot me for not wanting to look like this:


Or this:

My apologies if you think being strong is unfeminine, and being weak and malnourished is sexy. It takes no effort to starve yourself to be a skeleton. This takes courage, determination and strength – if you do one thing today, watch this video:

These are my favourite two fitness models:

Erin Stern

Amanda Latona

Do you really think these women are all manly and disgusting? If so, great, leave them for me. These ladies lift weights every day, going harder and heavier than most men.

When I look like this in the gym go ahead and continue to make ridiculous claims that lifting weights will make you look like a meathead, but make sure you get a good long look at my butt on your way out!

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