Chocolate protein bars

Chocolate protein bars

If you read my previous post on sugar, you’ll know I’m not the biggest fan. However, I do approve of sugar in moderation. Although the following protein bars contain dried fruit and juice, they are a great post workout snack and will deliver both the protein and carbs your body needs to fuel recovery.

Ingredients (makes 16):
100g oats
110g slivered almonds
25g desiccated coconut
50g chocolate protein powder
200g dried bananas, chopped
200g mixed dried fruit
150ml apple juice

Mix the oats, almonds and coconut and spread over two baking paper-lined trays. Place in an oven preheated to 200 degrees, and toast until slightly golden. Remove and allow to cool slightly.

Place toasted oats, almonds and coconut into a food processor. Add the protein powder, bananas and mixed fruit.

Process for around 15 seconds or until just combined (I had to do mine in batches).

Add the apple juice and process again, adding a dash of water if necessary. Be careful not to overblend the mixture: it should just hold together and still have plenty of texture.

Spread the mixture over a baking paper-lined tray, making it 1-1.5 centimetres thick. Add another sheet of baking paper on top, and cover with plastic wrap.

Let it set in the fridge for 2 hours, and then cut into squares. You can store these in a tupperware container for up to 4 weeks.

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