5 'healthy' foods that are bad for you

5 ‘healthy’ foods that are bad for you

Every day I see people who eat food they naively believe is healthy for them when in fact they could not be worse. As I’ve said in the past, eating healthy isn’t difficult if you just focus on whole foods that naturally came into being. The problem lies in the fact that big companies promote highly processed foods as being a better choice.

1. Subway
Something that most people don’t realise is that most six inch Subway rolls contain more calories and fat than a Big Mac. And yet Subway is something that is paraded around as being an important part of losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

I usually only eat Subway as an absolute last resort and I still choose my sub better than most people, opting for wholegrain bread, grilled chicken and salad only. Nothing fried, no sauces and no layers of cheese. Yet whenever I eat it I always feel sick afterwards. That alone tells me that there’s something not right about it. I only eat bread occasionally as I have strong feelings about gluten and wheat, but Subway takes being bloated to a whole new level. All of their breads contain high fructose corn syrup, and the wholewheat bread is reportedly just their regular white bread which has been dyed. To me, Subway is the same as McDonalds and therefore not a part of my diet!

2. Juice
To make one glass of apple juice, you need to process 6-8 apples. Watch someone easily down a juice, but I bet you they will struggle to eat 8 apples! Juice is simply the sugar of fruit robbed of fibre, and all that sugar will just turn to fat. It’s not healthy.

I have one friend who, bless her, would skip dinner and instead have a Boost Juice as she thought that would help her lose weight. For my non-Australian readers, Boost Juice is a ridiculous franchise that has taken over the country with its icecream and sugary yoghurt-laden concoctions that are almost a litre in size. Nobody needs that much sugar. Everywhere I go I see people sucking down these juices while thinking that they are taking part in a great diet revolution. These juices are at least 500 calories and contain no nutritional value other than massive amounts of sugar.

3. Sushi
I love when people brandish their fried tempura in my face and brag about being healthy. While I love sushi (and have just discovered deconstructed sushi) I look at it only as a treat. Unless it’s plain sashimi, it’s not something that should be eaten every day. The sushi rice contains quite a lot of sugar, which is nicely balanced out by the salt in the soy sauce that makes up almost your entire day’s recommended intake of sodium in a single serve.

My deconstructed sushi - great because you can limit the amount of rice you're eating, but still not exactly healthy!

4. Pre-made salads
Another great Australian “healthy” invention is Sumo Salad. Its slogan is “eat large, stay thin”. The idea is good in theory as filling up on salad and protein is obviously the proven way to maintain a lean figure. However, the problem is 99 per cent of their salads consist of ingredients that I would never eat in a pursuit to become ripped.

Their salads are only getting worse. On Friday I had miscalculated my chicken supplies and had to buy my lunch on the run. Stupidly, I went to see what Sumo Salad had on offer. They had about 15 salads on display and all but one contained pasta, couscous or risotto, which were of course smothered in creamy sauces and dressings. The one “good” option was a crumbed chicken and cheese salad. After walking all over the city for half an hour trying to look for something that might remotely be considered a healthy choice, I gave up and decided to treat myself with the sushi above!

5. Protein bars
Plain and simple, if it has been processed, it can’t be good for you. I don’t trust anything that has a long list of ingredients, especially when more than half of them are things I’ve never even heard of. Many contain huge amounts of calories, fat, sugar and artificial sweeteners, often at a similar scale to regular chocolate bars. They won’t do your body any favours.

I can count the number of times I’ve eaten a protein bar on one hand, and I’ve always looked at them as treats rather than as part of a healthy and clean diet. It is far better to get your protein in a natural form, but if you’re in a hurry opt for a shake over a bar.

I spent most of the weekend shopping for a ball dress. I’m going to the annual Australian financial markets ball next month. All the major bank CEOs and corporate treasurers attend it, so I can’t wait to look extra buff 🙂 The only problem is I have to buy my own dress and I have rather expensive taste! My boss suggested that I wear something I already own, but the only ball dress I have is from my high school ball. I can assure you that dress will never see the light of day again – definitely a case of what on earth was I thinking?!

I’ve tried on about 10 dresses so far and the best part was when the salesgirl told me I would have to go up a size in one particular dress because my shoulders were too broad. Woohoo! The one I like the most so far is this:

It’s annoying that there isn’t a photo of the front online, but it has a small slit under the boobie (looks much classier and less tacky than it sounds. I wasn’t even looking at black to begin with as I’ve always preferred to wear bright colours, but the black looked great and I can see myself being able to wear it for much longer down the track. What do you guys think?

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