The cookie dough that will give you a six pack

The cookie dough that will give you a six pack

If I let every negative comment get to me I would have already had reason to abandon my fitness goals a thousand times. For reasons unbeknown to me, some people will always insist on bringing you down. As I mentioned in my last post, a number of people have reacted quite negatively to my competition pursuits. Some have told me to my face, some have gossiped about me behind my back, and I’m guessing that even more are just disapproving quietly.

After I published my last post, my husband responded by telling me I have a better butt than Erin Stern (not true, by the way, but glad to receive at least some positive feedback!), while I then received two negative responses from “friends” of mine. I don’t understand why people who don’t support me are reading my blog in the first place, but what really irks me is that they are the kind of people who are probably never going to achieve anything with their lives. I, on the other hand, am passionate, dedicated and chasing many dreams, yet somehow the one being ridiculed.

That’s why I believe it’s crucial to find new friends have a strong support system. Work out what motivates you, whether it be your partner, a friend, a fitness model or your skinny jeans. Write down your goals, however big or small, and visualise achieving them. No matter what negative feedback you hear, remember those goals and why they are important to you. Don’t lose sight of the end result and let the haters hate.

On a happier note, I wanted to mention some of the great food I’ve discovered recently. The food I eat on a daily basis is very boring and predictable, which is why I don’t often post about it. I eat the same breakfast every day as well as the same lunch and snack meals three times a day, and I regularly cycle between just two dinner options.

It’s not that I don’t think there are other healthy options besides what I eat, it’s just that with my hectic life I’m quite pressed for time – ifย I have to choose between coming up with a weekly meal plan or hitting the gym, I will definitely choose the latter. Call me lazy but it’s much easier to cook in bulk and just stick with what I know works for me. My husband has a pretty hardcore attitude when it comes to diet, so he never complains about eating the same food all the time.

Most bodybuilder-friendly protein-packed recipes I’ve tried don’t taste good, but I have found a few that do. Frankly, I’d rather eat the real thing as a rare treat or just not have it at all. I don’t need to eat something that’s disguised as a healthy alternative whenย I know I probably shouldn’t be eating it in the first place.

Until recently. Lately I’ve found some great recipes, that I can still for the most part include in my regular diet guilt-free – at least until I’m pre-competition.

Is it bedtime yet?!

This recipe will change your life! I uncovered it from April who has an amazing list of snacks I’m dying to try (only the best contain things you can’t get in Australia, like calorie-free chocolate syrup). All you do is mix one scoop of protein powder and with 1-2 tablespoons of water. Keep mixing and mixing and it will eventually turn to dough. You can add cinnamon and peanut butter for extra heavenliness.

Rob usually screws his nose up at any dessert I make, but it’s safe to say he is addicted to these babies. He has replaced all three of his protein shakes today with the dough version and he has sworn that he never needs dessert again – although we’ll have to see how long that lasts!

The less obvious benefit from eating this delicious dessert every night is that I’m waking up every morning with an impressively flat stomach! I’m used to having a protein shake right before bed, and it usually leaves me with a bloated stomach first thing in the morning. Considering that I then gorge myself with a huge pre-workout meal and two big post-workout meals, I don’t actually see my stomach in its “normal” form until about 6pm.

My cat obviously loves sushi salad!

Gina recently posted a recipe for sushi salad. I love sushi, but it’s not always the healthiest thing, so I just about died when I found this. The rice is replaced with pulsed cauliflower, and then you add typical sushi ingredients like avocado, carrot, cucumber, wasabi, soy sauce, seaweed and the protein of your choice.

Cauliflower mash

Finally, after seeing a million and one recommendations for it, I also tried mashed cauliflower for the first time seeing as I had some left over. Apparently it’s supposed to taste exactly like mashed potatoes, but I won’t go that far. It’s great though because it’s filling and does make me feel as though I’m eating carbohydrates.

Have you found any good recipes or tricks I should know about?

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