The right fuel

The right fuel

Today will be a short blog post as I’m in the middle of packing for my mini-holiday. I’m going back to my home town, Perth – AKA the most isolated city in the world. It’s my brother’s first birthday on Saturday (long story!) so I’m flying home to celebrate for four days.

In the meantime, I wanted to share this great article I found: Burn fat, not sugar to lose weight. I’ve mentioned how anti-sugar I am in the past, but if that didn’t convince you, this article certainly should! It talks about how your overall health is determined by whether fat or sugar is the primary source of food you burn. It’s another great example of why people should stop looking at fat as the enemy. Good fats are essential to a properly functioning body, but sugars do absolutely nothing except try to kill you from the inside out.

“The more fat that one burns as fuel, the healthier the person will be, and the more likely they will live a long time. The more sugar a person burns, the more disease ridden and the shorter a lifespan a person is likely to have…People get fat not so much because they eat fat, but because they have forgotten how to burn it, and because of poor hormonal communication.”

Most people’s bodies have adapted to burning sugar. The process is constant – even when you’re sleeping, your body will continue to burn sugar. While it sounds like a great idea in theory, your body cannot actually hold on to much sugar – instead finding it by breaking down your lean muscle while you’re asleep! While eating before bed certainly helps, the only way to stop the actual process from happening is to reprogram your body to become used to burning fat, and that will happen if you eat (good) fat frequently.

One of the most alarming facts in the piece for me was that if you eat sugar and fat at the same time, your body only focuses on breaking down the sugar (because your body recognises that sugar is more dangerous to your cells and therefore tries to get rid of it). So any fat you ingest alongside sugar will basically remain just that – fat! Bye bye chocolate!

The opening paragraph was awesome, as it confirmed what I’m constantly banging on about: food is fuel for our cells to grow and survive. Why would you want to use cheap junk when you could supply it with nutrient-dense whole foods?

I’m on holiday until late Monday, but I’ll try to post while I’m away. I’m excited to go home and see my friends and family, and I’m hopeful that the famous Perth weather will turn it on for me!

I was living two minutes from this beach when I moved to Sydney...

The flight is five hours long so I’ll have to take two meals with me. I always bring my own food with me, unless I’m flying internationally and don’t want to take up valuable room in my suitcase with all my Tupperware containers. I’ll also be bringing as many of my powders and supplements as I can – my mum will probably freak out but she should see my cupboards at home! And I’ve already found the nearest gym so I’ll be sure to fit in a few workouts.

Do you work out when you’re on holiday? Do you fly with your own food?

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