My trip home: in pictures

My trip home: in pictures

I’m back from my trip to the west coast. It was great to fly home and celebrate my brother’s first birthday, and good to catch up with some of my oldest and dearest friends. As usual, the weather in Perth was perfect: 27 degrees (81 Fahrenheit) and not a cloud in the sky in the middle of winter.

My brother and me

Saturday was my brother, Ethan’s, party. My mother thought it would be a great idea to serve one plate of spring rolls as the only non-dessert option. Despite my ongoing objections, she thought it would be wise to jack Ethan up on sugar before he’s even learnt to walk or talk! So Friday night was spent baking birthday cake, cupcakes, rocky road, muffins and brownies.

The first attempt at brownies failed when my mum used egg replacer (Ethan is crazy allergic to eggs!). Apparently, you can’t use the replacer in recipes that call for three eggs or more, but she didn’t check that semi-important fact beforehand. All the butter rose to the top and bubbled, the inside remained raw while the edges caramelised.

After more than an hour in the oven...

Luckily I came back from lunch with a friend in time to rectify the situation. I’m quite good at baking, which is a shame considering I don’t eat any of this stuff.

Drizzled with chocolate sauce and grated chocolate...

My famous cupcakes

The birthday cake!

I took the party as my cheat meal so I could sample one piece of everything. To my surprise, the birthday cake (a butter cake) was actually my favourite. My oh my has my palate changed from a couple of years ago: the other desserts were too rich for me and gave me an instant sugar hangover. My mum – a complete chocoholic – nearly died when I told her I hadn’t had a piece of chocolate since October last year, when I last visited her (I prefer to indulge in ice cream)!

I managed to squeeze in one workout while I was over there. Saturday and Sunday are usually rest days for me anyway, so I only technically skipped Monday (which I will make up this Saturday). My mum told me the gym closest to her was packed full of old people who would probably die from seeing me prance around in my booty shorts. She was semi-right. The cardio area had about 30 people in, all of whom were at least 75 years old.

But, quite randomly, the weights room was full of tonnes of ripped people. The guys were huge and there were five ladies in there who had serious muscles. All of a sudden I wasn’t so cocky.

I trained delts and triceps. With all the hassle of signing in and finding equipment, I was in the gym for almost an hour and a half. Not ideal but I was on holiday so I wasn’t too rushed:
Alternate front raises – 1×30 @ 3kg, 3×20 @ 6 kg
Seated dumbbell presses – 1×15 @ 7kg, 3×10 @ 9kg
Dumbbell side raises – 1×30 @ 3kg, 2×15 @ 5kg, 2×10 @ 7kg
Smith machine presses – 1×20 @ 12kg, 3×10 @ 20kg
Reverse cable flys – 5×15 @ 10kg
Pushdowns – 2×15 @ 12kg, Β 3×10 @ 14kg
Between bench dips – 3 sets of max in one minute
Incline skull crushes – 2×15 @ 10kg, 2×10@15 kg, drop set

I managed to eat quite healthy while I was over there, making sure I prepped all my meals as usual. I also ate immediately before the party, to minimise the desire to snack. Here’s all the food I packed for my four hour flight – aren’t I a good catch?!

Protein powders, peanut butter, two meals of chicken and salad, hummus (don't normally eat this but we had leftovers) and fish oils

I got some weird looks for my protein dough...

My mum said she was surprised when I came in the door – she was expecting me to be a no-neck roidhead! But my friends told me I looked happy and healthy, with one even telling me I was “glowing” (note: I am not pregnant!). I’m looking forward to my next trip; it’s hard being away from my brother when he’s so young.

I also got a fringe!

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