Diet fatigue

Diet fatigue

When I banged out my last post in 20 minutes on Sunday night, I did not expect to receive such a huge response. Largely thanks to a mention from David Gillespie himself and a shout out from Primal Awesome, I received 600 views in one day (about three times more than usual!) as well as a hugely positive response from the online community. Consequently, I have now reached 10,000 views (not bad considering I’ve been blogging less than three months) and I can have my celebratory party a little earlier than expected!

While I was preparing for some criticism following the post for essentially attacking an entire industry, the comments have all been positive and incredibly thought-provoking – I suggest you go check them out now as they are almost better than the post itself!

In other news, the past week of my life has been dominating by diet fatigue. I go through long periods of months – even years – eating the same food, day in and day out. I choose meals that offer a decent spread of nutrients and then eat them… again and again. Since the beginning of April, I have eaten the exact same meal combo three times a day. Minus a couple of lunches eaten out here and there, I have eaten the same thing approximately 450 times over the past four months. And prior to April I had eaten the exact same salad for lunch for more than a year. Let’s not forget that my dinner is usually pretty similar to my three lunches (!), and only varies between three options.

It’s partially a result of laziness and partially because I don’t need to change something I’m happy with, but I honestly haven’t gotten tired of eating the same super clean food – until now. Ever since I got back from Perth I have been grossed out by the thought of eating any more dry, flavourless chicken and soggy, day-old vegetables.

It became so bad that even though I was hungry I contemplated skipping meals so I wouldn’t have to eat the same old thing. Every single night last week was spent peering into my fridge wishing that something different would appear.

I bet you’re thinking that I finally cracked and stuffed myself with burgers, fries and chocolate. Wrong! All my cravings were for healthy foods such as a nice piece of fish or a fresh salad. So I took almost a week off to just eat what my body wanted. I had bolognaise, my chicken peanut curry and tonight a Thai red curry (recipe on the way). They are all healthy but as Rob says: “they taste so good they have to be bad for you”.

It worked: I’m no longer choking down my lunches. Next week I’m going to try making a big pot of chilli and take that to the office just to switch it up for a while.

All that being said, however, I don’t think I could ever get sick of eating oats for breakfast. For as long as I can remember I’ve been a big fan of having the same breakfast for years at a time, and it’s always been my favourite meal of the day!

On the weekend I realised I hadn’t weighed myself in a month. I have gone down a clothing size in general even though I have definitely seen some decent growth in my back and shoulders lately. I may have gained a bit of fat in the process, but I was confident it couldn’t have been more than one or two kilos. So you can imagine my shock when I stepped on the scale and it said 75 kilos (165 pounds)!!!

While I screamed at my husband in a panic and stood there trying to figure out how I had managed to gain 10 kilos without even noticing (and seriously questioning what those curries had done to me!), all was resolved when we figured out the scale was broken. Every time he or I stood on it, it spat out a completely different number.

I’m not usually one to judge my progress based on the scales but in this case it was definitely a matter of heart attack averted.

Do you ever get bored of eating clean? How do you like to change it up?

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