Crash confession

Crash confession

I have a confession to make. Although many people are constantly complimenting me for my healthy approach to eating I, like many other women, have in the past looked for a shortcut and succumbed to the lure of a fad diet. Only once and never again.

I got married in May last year. Three months earlier, I moved interstate. Right before I left I had alterations made on my dress, and had my mum pick it up. I flew back to Perth for a weekend trip in April and (luckily!) tried my dress on to make sure all the alterations were okay. They were not.

The lady who altered my dress had for some unknown reason added in a very small inside panel which needed to be buttoned up in order for it not to peek out the top. My beautiful dress that I loved no longer fit me.

No alteration places were open as it was the weekend, when Perth becomes a ghost town. I had two choices: take the dress back to Sydney with me and find a quality dressmaker who would not ruin my dress, or lose a few kilos and hope for the best.

I took the risk and chose the second option. For three weeks I ate mostly protein and vegetables, limiting my carbohydrates to only breakfast and consuming about 1100-1200 calories a day. I was a healthy size to begin with, yet still managed to lose four kilograms. I can almost certainly attribute my success to being very strict and not cheating at all: I’m luckily able to lose weight quite quickly if I am 100 per cent committed.

No back cleavage!

For the fourth and final week I wanted to lose a couple more kilos just to be on the safe side. So, despite my husband-to-be’s protests, I embarked upon the cabbage soup diet. All I ate for seven days was nasty soup – the smell eventually made me want to vomit!

You know how much weight I lost on the cabbage soup diet? Absolutely none. I should have taken it as a warning sign when one of the days requires you to eat up to eight bananas, all the skim milk you want and – of course – unlimited soup! I always laugh when I remember Rob and I going to the movies on that particularly day, with me chowing down on a soggy banana smoothie and lukewarm soup while everyone else ate their popcorn.

Gratuitous wedding photos

In hindsight, it was incredibly stupid of me to resort to a crash diet. I probably would have lost more if I had just continued with my previous “diet”, but I did what any panicked bride would do in my desperation to lose those last couple of kilos! I was at least slightly sensible by making sure I had at least one protein shake a day to get some protein in me.

I completely understand why crash dieters regain all the weight back straight away, as the first thing I wanted to do when it was over was binge out on junk food. Following a lifestyle of clean eating is a much healthier approach.

I finally got my dress yesterday for the financial ball next week. The one I was originally planning to get almost doubled in price, because it was the last one left! I wasn’t keen to spend $700 on a dress I was only going to wear once, so I chose a different one by the same designer. It’s a bit more understated but also more appropriate for the setting I think.

It fits like a glove. In my pursuit of gaining muscle I’ve also gained a small layer of fat across my stomach – bye-bye abs! Last night I mentioned doing a bit of a cut over the next week to Rob but he immediately shot it down and asked: “Why would you want to jeopardise your gains when you already look great to impress a room full of fat bankers?!” Point taken but I’m still considering it – although time is running out.

Now what you’ve all been waiting for….some photos of my legs! I took these before I trained this morning and I haven’t learnt how to flex my muscles yet, so this is what they look like in their normal state. Please excuse how white my legs are – it is winter time here 🙂

Legs used to be my favourite training day but now that I’m doing two sessions a week I don’t look forward to it as much. Both workouts are exhausting (you can see what I do on my other leg day here). Plus I think I’ve got enough booty so I would rather be hammering my upper body!

Leg extension – 1×20 @ 17.5kg, 1×15 @ 27.5 kg, 3×10 @ 45kg
Leg curls – 1×20 @ 17.5kg, 1×15 @ 27.5kg, 3×10@ 40kg
Deadlifts – 2×15 @ 20kg,  3×10 @ 35kg (all plus 45 pound Olympic bar, I go quite light with heavy reps!)
Incline leg press – 1×30 @ 30kg, 2×15 @ 50kg, 1×10 @ 60kg, drop set
Walking lunges – 2×20 with 10kg dumbbells, 1×50 @ body weight only!
3 x static wall squats with 6kg dumbbells

That is my cat at the bottom of the pic, not some weird growth on my leg!

I will post some pictures of my back and arms soon, which I have definitely seen some progress in – especially since I started my new program four weeks ago.

Have you ever tried a crash diet or are you smarter than me?

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