Never give up

Never give up

Hi guys! Today I have an extremely motivational guest post from my husband, Rob, who wanted to share an inspiring story close to his heart. I hope you enjoy it!

It seems like we never have enough time in the day to do all the things we need. We always make excuses for why things can’t be done “I’m too busy, it’s too hard, i just can’t fit it in” are phrases that are uttered all too often by general society. I myself have said those exact same things before and let me tell you, it’s absolute BULLSHIT!!! Let me take you on a journey about a man who had plenty of reasons to give up and not find a way. Let’s see at the end of this journey if we really can think of an excuse as to WHY we can’t do something.

Rad is a 70 yr old CEO of a $30 million a year manufacturing company in Canada. He’s endured more setbacks in my lifetime than I would ever wish on anybody. Rad always loved his sports, playing soccer, water-polo, tennis and golf. While he was still fairly young, he had two rotator cuff surgeries and a lower back surgery as well. Meanwhile he was a highly successful CEO of his first manufacturing company. But at the age of 50 things started to turn for the worst and his company ultimately went bankrupt.

A year later with help from some good friends he started another manufacturing company and began to rebuild his fortune. Soon after his business opened he was diagnosed with the first of what would be three cancers when he was 55. He had surgery and went through radiation and chemo for prostate and colon cancer. In five weeks his weight went from 194 pounds (88 kilos) to 142 pounds (64 kilos), all while still having to run a budding manufacturing company.

Rad, aged 55, and his son Mickey

All the surgeries caused a hernia, which he still has to deal with to this day. As the years went by and the treatments continued, he eventually sold that business. While he was still sick and undergoing treatments he decided to open an even bigger manufacturing company.

At the age of 62 prostate cancer re-emerged and he began hormone therapy. This kind of treatment completely shuts off the body’s ability to produce testosterone – great to stop cancer growth, but not great for the male body. Rad used to say to me: “It’s like I’m a woman now. I have hot flashes and I’m getting tits!”

His weight over these few years ballooned to a high of 257 pounds (117 kilos). Drinking and eating became his life, and no exercise was being done at all. He dined on amazing wine, delicious cheeses and smoked meats, while cholesterol, blood pressure and sugar levels were forcing him to consume 12 different sets of pills to keep him regulated. Did I forget to mention he was still CEO of his third manufacturing business?!

Rad at his highest weight

His reason for not working out was the fear that if he did his body would produce testosterone and his cancer would return and ultimately kill him. At age 68 and now a grandfather, he decided to make a change. He only ate whole grains, vegetables and foods high in protein. At his best he went 6 months without a drop of alcohol.

He had attempted fad diets with one called HGC (which has something to do with pregnant women’s urine?!), losing 30 pounds but gaining it all back. Rad finally did it the old fashion way – the way he always ran his business – with hard work and no excuses. He decided to treat exercise just like a business meeting, bringing his meals pre-cooked to work and drinking protein shakes while meeting with CEOs of major car companies.

Rad today, ready for the World Cup!

Rad believes that people don’t treat exercise seriously or rate its importance high enough and that’s why people generally fail. He now weighs 180 pounds (81 kilos). His pant size went from a 42 waist to a loose 34. He is currently taking one pill which is the lowest dose for blood pressure.

Now at the age of 70 he’s the fittest person in his company, despite most being 20 to 30 or more years younger. He’s now trying to help his workers get fit. Rad has made a deal with his chief engineer who is 5’5 and weighs 220 pounds (100 kilos). He has 3 weeks to prove he is serious about getting healthy with weekly weigh-ins, and if he does Rad will pay for a year-long gym membership and a year of daily personal training to help.

Rad wanted to be fit so he could live life. He also wanted to finally have that hernia operation and needed to lose the weight before he could. His current goals are to drop his body fat to around 15% and weigh around 170 pounds (77 kilos).

Saks Fifth Avenue fashion show in September

I’m also pleased to report that he is cancer-free and still running his multi-million dollar business with huge success. Rad told me once that “you can find the strength in someone when they are backed into a corner. You can see how tough they are when they have no options left.”

Rad has been backed in the corner so many times in his life and just when you think he’s got no fight left, he fights back stronger than ever before. Most people crumble in the face of adversity and negativity. Most people couldn’t get up and fight after bankruptcy, cancer or weight gain. Rad could’ve easily just quit like the rest of us and died after his first cancer operation. If he did he would’ve left me, his son, half his current life without a father. My brother would’ve never been able to show him his two beautiful grandchildren.

Most of us wouldn’t fight from the corner. Rad battled until he got free and is now the fittest and healthiest he has ever been. The next time you make an excuse about not being able to do something, ask yourself how you would fare if you were backed into a corner. Would you fight your way out or let life consume you?

I’m glad my dad continued to fight. I didn’t want to grow up without my hero. I’m glad he got to see me be the man I’ve become and see the beautiful wife I got to marry. My dad gets to be a grandfather and still gets to be a father to me. I don’t know what I would do without him. I’m so proud of you Dad. You’re my hero and my inspiration every day. I fight as hard as I can because that’s the only way you’ve ever shown me. Keep training hard and keep fighting back. I love you Dad.

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