Time to get shredded

Time to get shredded

Today I saw my trainer to get my new diet and training program. Let’s just say I didn’t see this coming. While my training hasn’t changed significantly, my diet plan has been completely turned on its head. I am going from eating so much that I sometimes feel sick to now doing a crazy low-carb diet that will really test my willpower like never before.

On the five days I work out, the only carbs I eat are going to be immediately pre- and post-workout: oats (thank heavens!!) and sweet potato. No more brown rice for me. The real shocker was that on the weekends I will be having zero carbs. Not one gram, excluding vegetables. And no protein powder on the weekends – I’m devastated that I will have to go without my protein dough and already gagging at the thought of having chicken and green beans at 10pm. Blech.

I have never seen a diet plan – even for a competition – that doesn’t have any carbohydrates, even if only at breakfast. My protein intake has increased by about one-third, but I really don’t think it’s going to tide me over.

I had a feeling that a cut would be coming up next, although I definitely did not think it would be this severe. I’m quietly terrified. I do trust my trainer and I know there’s some genius reason why he’s making me do this, but I worry I’m going to go crazy (and am also hoping I don’t lose even an inch of muscle!). He has warned me that I may be a little bit snappy come Sunday evenings. Really?!

Me in about two weeks

Supposedly, the purpose of doing a plan like this is to get my body used to carb cycling – which I’ve never actually done before – but I definitely was not expecting a full depletion. He wants me to try a contest diet for 6-8 weeks to see if my mind explodes how my body reacts, in advance of the actual competition in May next year.

In terms of my workouts, contrary to what we had initially been planning for this program (upping my weights and dropping the reps) I’m actually keeping my training the same, minus a few tweaks here and there. I’m also upping my cardio to 30 minutes right after I lift. I’ve grown so used to not doing any cardio I’m already dreading it, especially considering I’ll be running on less food. I was too busy scraping my jaw off the floor to ask if I was doing any cardio on the weekend, but I can tell you now my usual sprint intervals are not going to happen.

Call me crazy but my initial response to all this was excitement! I wanted to start my new diet that second and was disappointed when he said I have to wait until next week. Yeah, I’m definitely not normal. The more I think about it, however, the more terrified I become.

The good thing about all this is Rob is also doing a cut involving low-carb (not no-carb) weekends, so that will certainly make it easier seeing as he won’t be dangling treats in front of me. I am, however, more jealous than words can describe that he gets to eat pasta with bolognaise sauce post-workout.

Another thing I soon realised is that I will no longer be having any cheats. Any time we have “cheat meals” it’s usually on the weekend, and there is no way I’m doing all this no-carb nonsense to ruin it with something that isn’t on plan.

It also means that the new chilli recipe I made this week is no longer going to replace some of my day meals as I had so hopefully envisioned, as there are too many damn beans and chick peas in it. I tossed up the idea of making it without the legumes but Rob quickly ruined that plan when he pointed out that I can’t have tomato sauce. Really – it’s just tinned diced tomatoes, surely that won’t kill me?!

Bye bye delicious chilli!

The bad news is that my mother-in-law arrives on Tuesday from Canada, for a three week holiday. She, bless her heart, has offered to follow our diets while she is here. I give her about three hours. Haha.

In all seriousness, I have only met her once and really don’t want to come across as the daughter-in-law from hell. So while I will try my hardest to follow the diet exactly, if we eat out I’m not going to be all psycho and bring my own tupperware containers. Maybe.Β I don’t even like writing that because I sound like one of those women who are always making excuses, which I definitely am not! I tend to drop fat pretty quickly, so even if I only follow the diet 90 per cent for the first three weeks and then 100 per cent for the last five I know I’ll still see good results.

I really need some encouragement right now. Half of me just wants to binge on Ben and Jerry’s while the other half of me wants to cry. Has anyone done anything like this before?

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