My antidepressant of choice

My antidepressant of choice

I have been incredibly stressed out over the past couple of weeks. In the past 10 days I have had five feature articles due, at 5000 words a pop. On top of all the writing, consider that each one of those stories involved 5-10 interviews. Then add in the fact that I have so many unrelated tasks to do when I’m in the office that I had to actually take days to work from home to actually get writing done, and you have one stressed little piggy.

A year ago I would not have been able to do it. I would have broken down and probably changed career paths. Sadly, things seem to just be getting busier and busier, so I’ve had to learn to suck it up. I’m currently doing the job of four different people and I doubt many would be able to handle it.

I’m not a concrete wall, though – it does affect me. Over the past two weeks there have been several moments where I have teared up at my desk, and one memorable occasion where I cried the entire 40 minute walk home. Excluding that day, I generally let myself be emotional for about 30 seconds and then I write an action plan of exactly what I need to do to get past the stress.

Everything seems to come to a head on Fridays, where I feel completely wrecked and, frankly, just want a drink! Friday also happens to be the one day of the week when my husband doesn’t work late and yet for most of last year I had to spend at least an hour alone otherwise I would just bite his head off.

While I have since learnt to not take my frustrations out on him, the thing that has always helped me de-stress is exercise. In the past, whenever I was upset or angry I would go for a long run. Now there’s nothing better than ripping some heavy objects off the ground. And yoga, as different as it is, is immensely calming. The excuse I hate – and hear – the most is that people don’t have time to exercise.

I hate the fact that I’ve just publicly complained about my job. I can’t stand when people whinge on Facebook about how stressful uni is, and how much they hate their bar jobs. I would give anything to go back to the laid-back lifestyle that was university.

But the reason I did so is because I want to make a point. If I can work an insanely stressful job, on top of all the other things I do (maintaining a strong marriage, keeping the house clean, cooking all my meals for the day, blogging, etc) then anyone can. Almost everyone who works out is pressed for time – you think you’re the only one? However busy you think you are, there will be someone who is busier heading to the gym right now.

The difference is fit people make working out a priority. Training is as important to me as any interview I have scheduled for that day. There have been times when I have been on business trips, lacking sleep, working 16 hour days and yet still fit in all my workouts.

Sterny isn't skipping any workouts...

If I don’t I will go crazy! Whether you think it’s sad or not, my favourite part of my day is when I’m in the gym. It makes me feel strong, healthy and always starts my day off right. Do I ever have days where I don’t feel like training? Absolutely, but they are few and far between (and usually only if I have to work out on a weekend!).

Some people – even the best in the business – will regularly face an internal battle and question the amount they’re training or why they’re forcing themselves to eat the same meals over and over again. I’m lucky that I love it.

Is training a natural part of your life or do you ever feel like you’re forcing yourself to do it?

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