The weekend I met my boyfriends

The weekend I met my boyfriends

Last weekend we went to Auckland, New Zealand, where the Rugby World Cup is being held. We arrived on Saturday night and soon realised we had booked our accommodation in the middle of the main fanzone. The atmosphere was really exciting, as the streets were packed full of people from all over the world.

Rob and I are huge All Blacks (New Zealand) fans. What can I say, I’m a traitor to my country! While his mum was here on holiday, we thought we’d take the opportunity to take a trip away, conveniently while the World Cup was going on.

How can you not go for the All Blacks when they have Dan Carter on their team?!

On Sunday there was two quarter final games scheduled: Australia versus South Africa, followed by New Zealand versus Argentina. We moped around the city as various scalpers offered tickets for $300-500 each. We went back to the hotel to change into our jerseys and headed out to find a bar to watch the first game.

When we were in the hotel elevator, a lovely angel woman got on and gave us two free tickets! She worked in the media and her colleague could no longer make it to the game, so she was just going to give the tickets to the first person that wanted them. Um, that would be me!

Rob’s mum kindly volunteered to sit the game out, and left us die-hard rugby fans to go. I was only wearing a t-shirt and it was freezing, but it was so worth it! We got to see the Haka live, and saw NZ smash Argentina of course. If you haven’t seen the Haka before, watch this video and then go on Youtube to find others where you can see their sexy faces up close!

Our view of the Haka

If only...

Pre-game - very excited!!

I loved being in New Zealand. Everywhere you looked there was a poster or billboard of Richie McCaw or Dan Carter (or as Rob refers to them, Boyfriend A and Boyfriend B, respectively). We even saw the Dan Carter underwear ad taking up the entire length of a building!


The next day, unfortunately, was cloudy and rainy. But at least we had nice weather for game day!

You may remember that this trip was primarily the reason I postponed my cut, as I knew I wouldn’t be able to cook all my meals as normal without having access to a proper kitchen. Although one of the first things Rob and I did when we arrived was find out where the nearest gym was, our diet was far from typical over those four days. We ate our breakfasts and before-bed protein dough as normal, but everything else was on the fly.

I swear if I ate like “normal” people did every day, I wouldn’t survive. From the moment we landed I felt like I had indigestion. Do some people just feel this way all the time?!

Tuesday’s leg workout with Rob was in the top three worst sessions of mine of all time – we were racing to check out so I had my pre-workout shake only 15 minutes before we went to work out (obviously not enough time to digest it so it just sat in my stomach), I hadn’t drunk enough water over the past few days so was rather dehydrated, and I was just feeling gross and bloated in general from the food we’d eaten. There were several times where I had to sit down because I thought I was going to throw up or faint, and I couldn’t go past my warm up weight during squats! Needless to say, we ended up leaving early, nursing our poor tummies for the rest of the day.

Even my All Blacks jersey can't hide my bloated tummy!

We didn’t eat anything particularly bad, but my stomach just isn’t used to so much processed food. I like eating lean proteins, vegetables and wholegrains. I’m not on a diet and no one is forcing me! Here are some of my meals, with a couple of sandwiches and a game burger on the side:

Meatballs and potatoes with parmesan

Chicken fettucine

The grossest pie ever...

I think the chocolate syrup provided enough sugar in my coffee!

I even "loosened up" and had a few drinks

It’s good to be home, and eating and exercising as normal. The two workouts I’ve done so far have been awesome, and I’ve even broken a couple of PRs – it must have been all that carb loading! Now we just have the New Zealand/Australia semi final game this weekend to look forward to!

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