Top 5 contenders

Top 5 contenders

If you missed my last post, make sure you catch up on my exciting career/life news! Since I’ve started studying for my PT certification, my mind has been racing with all the things I can’t wait to do. One of them involves finally stepping up and calling out the people at my gym who do terribly stupid things.

My gym is the largest gym in Sydney and therefore likely to be the largest in the whole of Australia. Yet it is filled with people who have no clue when it comes to lifting weights. While the crowd is slightly better in the evenings, when I train before work I can confidently – but sadly – count on one hand (myself included!) the people who work out seriously. Consequently, I’m fairly certain that none of these people will ever read my blog!

My gym offers 120 classes a week, so the member base is 99 per cent young girls who want to shake their thang in Zumba. While there are perks to the wide selection of classes (pole dancing and hot yoga are included in my membership, which usually cost a fortune in an outside studio), it means that I have absolutely nothing to inspire me when I work out. I joined this gym in April – since then I have seen just one woman who knows what she’s doing in the weights room.

I see a lot of stupid things being done on a daily basis. If someone is genuinely trying, I will respect that and happily offer advice if asked. But these five people need serious help beyond what I’m capable of giving 😉

  1. Cycle twins
    Two girls in their early twenties have recently decided it might be a good idea to use weights… while riding exercise bikes. They use two and three kilogram weights (of course!) and alternate between shoulder presses, overhead tricep extensions and punching straight in front of them. They do about four or five reps and then stop and slow down their pedalling – because they clearly need a full rest after such strenuous activity. I actually laugh out loud whenever I see them, hoping that one day they will realise how ridiculous they look. I don’t know where they got the idea to combine ‘weight lifting’ and riding, but it’s not a good one seeing as they’re doing neither well or, for that matter, correctly.
  2. No Brains, Just Biceps
    This guy comes in three mornings a week, and does the exact same workout every time – and has been for the entire time I have been a member of my gym. He does about five biceps exercises, a shoulder press, dips and the occasional bench press. The worst part is he’s now got his previously treadmill-devoted girlfriend to start lifting weights with him, only he has her doing the same program as him! I’m pretty sure her number one focus isn’t going to be getting huge guns. It’s like the blind leading the blind. She does seem to have some sort of clue, however – she made him do squats and told him the 10 centimetre drop of his butt (while squatting just 20kg, might I add) wasn’t low enough. His response: “I don’t need to do legs – it’s all about the arms!”
  3. Mr Cocky
    This guy walks around the gym like he owns the place. He grunts, drops weights and talks loudly on his mobile phone. For some strange reason, he is constantly taking his shirt off and putting it back on. In the rare moment that his shirt is on, he is always lifting it up to check out his own abs. This might be intimidating, except for the fact that he weighs about 50 kilos and I lift heavier than him – and have bigger arms than him! I’m all for people taking pride in their body and their fitness, but come on now.
  4. Machine man
    I don’t know what to do about this one. There’s a guy, probably in his late twenties, who’s in the gym around three mornings a week. He only does upper-body machine exercises and very incorrectly-performed crunches. I haven’t seen his body improve at all (not that I’d expect it to based on a machine-only program!), and I’m almost hoping he has some sort of injury that’s preventing him from using free weights. What makes it even worse is that the trainers are always chatting with him, but never offer him any help.
  5. Did someone say high maintenance?
    Every morning when I arrive at the gym and put my bag in the locker room, a middle-aged lady returns from her workout to shower and get ready. By the time I’ve completed my workout, which lasts an hour, and showered and dressed for work (which takes me about 15 minutes), she’s still in the locker room doing her make up. Given the time I arrive at the gym, she couldn’t be working out any longer than 45 minutes, which means she’s spending almost double the amount of time getting ready than actually exercising! And people say they don’t have time to work out. At least she’s better than the woman who doesn’t shower at all, and just swaps her exercise clothes for her work clothes. Ick.
Do you have any odd characters at your gym?
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