New goodies

New goodies

I have been in a cutting stage for about four weeks now. My progress is coming along nicely – I’ve lost slightly less than a kilo each week but still seem to be holding on to my muscle mass. Sadly, my tastebuds have died a little. I’m no longer feeling hunger simply because I dread the thought of eating more plain chicken and steamed vegetables.

My post-workout meal - doesn't it look appetising?! This is also why I don't take many photos of my food!

My trainer has sent me a new diet this weekend, to start tomorrow. I’m going to be cutting my carbs even more and replacing my morning oatmeal with sweet potato on non-training days. I’ve always teased Rob for having sweet potato for breakfast, but quietly dreaded the moment when I would have to have it too. Ick! I’m also starting a new ‘recovery’ training program for the next two weeks, but I’ll tell you guys more about that in my next post.

The only meals I look forward to are breakfast (not anymore!), my post-workout shake and my before-bed casein. Although I did have an awesome salad yesterday, with goat cheese that tasted like candy in my mouth:

In a moment of rebellion, instead of replenishing my office peanut butter stash, I found this little baby: Cocopure chocolate coconut butter. It cost $12 for a 180 gram jar so it was a bit on the expensive side, but I justified it given that I don’t spend money on any other exciting foods.

The ingredients are fairly simple: virgin coconut oil, raw cacao powder, wildcrafted agave nectar, vanilla bean powder and himalayan crystal salt. Even though ‘wildcrafted agave nectar’ is just a fancy name for sugar, there are only 2.9 grams of sugar per serve so it’s acceptable for me. It tastes amazing, just like chocolate coconut fudge.

I also tried a new whey protein this week. I’ve been dying to try the protein powder Erin Stern endorses, Dymatize, but I’ve been stuck with Optimum Nutrition for what seems like an eternity. I reached a threshold this week and decided I deserved some sort of excitement!

We got the cookies and cream flavour: it’s quite creamy and tastes really good – it even contains real cookie bits. I don’t do anything fancy with my protein powder – just mix it with water – yet it still tastes much thicker than ON. The nutritional stats aren’t bad either:

Who knows if Erin actually uses this protein, but it makes it much cooler nonetheless. My trainer also tried to give me a life-sized poster of Erin Stern via Rob, but my silly husband didn’t take it because he thought it would ruin the ‘vibe’ of our apartment. After almost killing him, I’m sending him back this week to pick it up. Talk about permanent inspiration!

Speaking of motivation, I did something crazy last week. Rob is always telling me that, during your workouts, you should wear something that shows your flaws to inspire you to work harder. I’ve been wanting these shorts from Lululemon for a while, but haven’t felt like my legs are in good enough condition to wear them. Last weekend Rob convinced me to buy them and I’ve since worn them proud twice!

They don’t look too bad in the photo, but any time I move it’s booty city. Thankfully they have tight black spandex shorts underneath to keep my business covered.

Along with these, I also bought another pair of slightly longer blue shorts and a jacket I’ve been wanting for months, for a grand total of $300. I’m the first to admit that I have a Lululemon addiction. Even before I decided to become a personal trainer, I never bought any new office clothes – just Lululemon. And now I have all the more reason to go there every week.

To my horror, there is only one third party store in London that stocks Lululemon – this was, of course, one of the first things I checked when we decided to move. So I have to stock up now 😉 We’re only moving with one suitcase each, and I can tell you now that the only thing mine will contain is Lululemon!

Do you guys like Lululemon as much as me? How do you keep some excitement in your food when you’re leaning out?

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