What a week!

What a week!

In the last 48 hours I’ve been on a rollercoaster of emotions. You might remember from my post last week that my two theory exams for the level two personal training certification were scheduled for today. The institution I’m studying through is based in the UK but, despite my nagging, only sent the papers last Monday. By Monday this week, the exams had not arrived and panic started to set in.

Because of the time difference, I had to wake up at 2am on Tuesday to speak to the institution and beg them to email the papers to the university where I was sitting the exam. They refused, saying doing so posed a security risk (even though the university receives papers via email all the time!). What frustrated me most is that the reason the papers were late was entirely their fault, and yet they offered no solution to my problem nor even acknowledged they had made a mistake.

The university where I was being supervised is due to close on Friday, and doesn’t re-open again until mid-January. That would have meant they wouldn’t have even received my exam through the mail until February, and it would have taken up until the end of February to approve – right around the time we are scheduled to leave Australia! So much for finishing level two by the end of the year!

They provided me with a tracking number for the papers, however. When I checked the UK website, it said the papers had arrived in Australia. I was so relieved! But, when the university still hadn’t received the papers by Tuesday afternoon, I called Australia Post and discovered they had not been checked into the country yet – the other site actually meant they had only left the UK. On arrival in Australia, the papers still needed to clear customs and would then take a further three days to be delivered!

The institution had told me the papers were sent via special delivery, but I then found out the service they used meant the papers would arrive one day earlier than regular mail.  My heart sank as I realised they were not going to arrive on time.

I gave it one last shot, emailing the institution to again stress the urgency of the situation and begging them to consider faxing the papers. I nearly fell off my chair when at 10pm last night, as I was getting ready for bed, they replied saying they were going to make an exception and email the papers to the uni! I had not been expecting a positive response, so I didn’t do any study at all last night. This is so unlike me! When I was in my final year of high school I would study for 12-14 hours a day during exams. Massive nerd, I know. I calmed down a bit when I went through uni, but I still studied more than anyone else I knew.

So you can imagine how much I freaked out when I realised I had completely wasted my final night of study! I had to call my boss extremely late and ask for the day off again, after telling her earlier that day I no longer needed it. She must think I’m completely nutso. Normally I would have been up all night stressing, but the drama of the night before had – luckily! – left me pretty exhausted. I woke up extra early and did a four-hour revision session before heading off to the exam.

I am pleased to say I think I aced it 🙂 In the first exam, there were only two questions I wasn’t 100 per cent confident about, and in the second there were four. I walked out of the exam with more than half of the allotted time remaining! The other good news is, now that I’ve finished my study, I can go back to blogging three times a week!

Being the stereotypical fitness nut that I am, I ran from my PT exam to Rob’s work to have a celebratory lunch (and got ridiculously sunburnt in the process!). Normally I don’t see Rob on Wednesdays at all (we have completely opposite work schedules, especially on Wednesdays!) but I got to spend almost five hours with him today, so it was a great day in the end. Samantha Stosur also just happened to be training at Rob’s tennis centre!

Excuse my poor paparazzi skills... it's Sam, I swear!

I’m a massive fan of Sam – I love her guns! I was surprised at how much smaller she is in real life. Clearly the camera can add 10 pounds of muscle too!

Apparently she doesn't lift weights!

I’m sorry to say the craziness of my week still isn’t over: tomorrow I officially quit my current job. My previous employers have known well in advance about my plans to leave, so this will be my first serious resignation meeting. I’m a bit nervous! Any advice?

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