Christmas treats

Christmas treats

Thank you everyone for your sweet comments about my stressful exam experience. I’m so glad it’s over and I now only have my video and practical hours to complete before I can move on to the level three part of my personal training certification.

I have also officially given my notice at work. My boss took it really well – she was not expecting me to stay forever and she thinks the move is a great opportunity for me, although she did make me promise her that I wouldn’t give journalism up forever. My last day in the office will be February 3. I’m hoping that with Christmas coming up the time will just fly by…

Speaking of Christmas, on Sunday Rob and I bought each other’s gifts. The entire month of December has been a nightmare for me with work and all my exam drama, so I haven’t even had a second to do any shopping – let alone think of gift ideas! My previous gifts to Rob have been pretty badass, but I have always known what I was going to get him months in advance. It doesn’t help that his birthday is three days after Christmas so I have to think of two gifts as well!

To ease some of my stress, we decided to go shopping together and pick out our own presents. Rob had it easy: the only thing I wanted was warm Lululemon clothes I can take to London. We picked the best day to go to Lululemon because they had all their limited edition winter clothes in for one week only! It’s summer here (not that you could wear these kind of jackets in Australia at any time of year!) so they bring their winter line in for one week to allow people going on holiday to snap up some warm gear.

Excuse the look on my face - this was the seventh photo Rob took of me because all the rest were blurry!!

I got a super thick zip-up sweater and my very first pair of Wunder Unders!! I have lots of pairs of Lululemon shorts but it’s never cold enough to wear pants here. I’ve always found these pants a bit boring so I got a pair with a flash of hot pink 😉 The other bonus is Rob says you can see my quads contracting when I walk…haha

I also got this gorgeous gym bag which I will use as my carry-on on the plane, of course!

There was another jacket I was thinking of getting, but it was just too expensive ($280!!) for me to justify it. It’s a really versatile coat but I think I could find something similar for less once we’ve moved.

Rob was super boring and picked out a golf club for himself. I promise that I got him something better for his birthday – but it’s a surprise!

Neither of us have family close by, so we’re just going to be spending Christmas day at home. The last couple of months have been crazy for us so it will be nice to spend some time together just relaxing. Originally Rob didn’t want to do anything different on Christmas day – he wanted to work out and eat chicken and vegies all day as usual – but I think I convinced him to have a few treats with me.

I’m so sick and tired of reading articles about how to avoid holiday weight gain and how to modify traditional recipes to make them cleaner. Seriously – it’s one day, people. You aren’t going to ruin all your progress from one day of eating off-plan, just as you won’t wake up ripped after one day of clean eating. Enjoy the holidays and don’t be so uptight!

Rob and I have both been dieting hard for the last few months so it will be nice to just enjoy some different food. By no means am I suggesting that I “deserve” certain foods (I don’t believe in using food as a reward in any circumstance!) but Christmas is the one time of year where I don’t have to be crazy about hitting my macro targets.

For the past month or so I keep finding recipes and telling Rob I should make them for Christmas. I still have absolutely no idea what we’re going to have. For some reason all I seem to know is that I want garlic bread…. Of all the food I could eat, I want garlic bread??

I know for certain that Rob is making crepes for dessert! He is a crepe god, and used to make them all the time when we first started dating. Now we have them once a year. He makes two kinds: Nutella and strawberry jam, and Nutella and crushed walnuts with sugar. Drooool.

From last year 🙂

Can't wait for these bad boys!

What are you guys doing for Christmas?

PS. Make sure you check out Christina’s post to see some beautiful ladies’ guns!

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