A bodybuilder's Christmas

A bodybuilder’s Christmas

I hope you all had a great Christmas! Rob and I have had a very quiet past few days, and for the first time in a very long time I’ve remembered what it feels like to be bored. We’ve spent a lot of time watching movies, playing video games and eating a few treats. Our Christmas Eve dinner was somewhat untraditional: sushi! Being the sushi monster that he is, Rob ate most of this platter himself.

We didn't realise the wasabi was extra strong until after Rob had slathered it all over the rolls!

We slept in until 8.30am on Christmas morning. It was only the night before that I realised we had no presents to open: we had already given each other our gifts (hello Lululemon!) the week prior and our families are both too far away to exchange gifts. We just chilled out and ate pancakes.

With a protein shake on the side, of course!

I had wanted to make something special for Christmas dinner, but by the 23rd I still hadn’t had any decent ideas. Rob suggested making something he had growing up: sarma (cabbage rolls). We got a hold of his grandmother’s recipe, which was actually really healthy – just meat, cabbage and rice – so I had a happy bodybuilder husband.

What our dinner should have looked like!

But when it came time to make the dish, we realised we forgot to buy pre-made saurkraut so the whole flavour of the dish would be off! We thought about making it without, but the cabbage head wouldn’t fit in our biggest pot, so the dish was doomed. See, this is what happens when I try to make complicated recipes!

Consequently we had the most random Christmas dinner ever:

Spicy beef, pork and bacon patties.


If I could eat one food for the rest of my life, it would be this!

And cheesy mashed potatoes!

The lamest Christmas dinner ever?

While some people might consider this a terrible Christmas dinner, I loved it. It was a more exotic version of what we eat normally (if it had been mashed sweet potatoes, I would have hung my head in shame!) but it tasted amazing and didn’t leave me feeling sick afterwards, like a ‘traditional’ Christmas meal would.

We were originally planning to have Rob’s famous crepes for dessert, but we filled up on Sara’s peanut butter and Nutella cookies so we pushed the crepes back to Boxing Day. I started making the cookies right after we gave up on the sarma, and I thought they were going to be a disaster as well! I didn’t realise until I stepped in the kitchen that the cookies didn’t contain flour so I was a bit unsure how they would turn out. When I pulled them out of the oven, they were as soft as a feather but they soon hardened up and tasted really yummy!

Definitely not in a bodybuilder's diet!

On Boxing Day we were bored and decided to check out the sales. Rob had recently gotten a pair of Lululemon pants hemmed so any excuse to go to Lulu was good enough for me! I was not expecting them to have a sale on, because they don’t follow traditional sales patterns, so I had to brace against the wall when the entire room was filled with clothes between 40 and 60 per cent off! It was in that moment I realised I was in my idea of heaven 🙂

Luckily, none of the stuff Rob had bought me for Christmas was on sale, or I would have felt bad. Because I have the best husband in the world he told me to buy whatever I wanted due to the rarity of Lulu sales! I did, however, implement some self control and responsibility and bought four tops and one jacket. We He paid $260 for $547 worth of clothes, so I really saved us money, right?!

I'm now banned from visiting Lulu for a while...

Again, I just tried to pick out warm clothes I can wear when we move (wherever that may be!). I also bought my first pair of knee-high socks, which I wore to the gym today.

All in all, I think Rob and I did pretty good in terms of our Christmas eating. Apart from the alcohol, cookies and crepes it wasn’t really that bad 😉

Terrible photo but best thing ever!

I made sure I got in a weights and cardio workout on Saturday, and we played tennis on Sunday. My gym was closed until today, so I took Monday off and Rob put me through a workout from hell on Tuesday at the nearby park which has pull-up bars, parallel bars and benches. I’m embarrassed to admit that I actually cried and came *this close* to vomiting on several occasions. All from bodyweight exercises and sprinting!! The food had a bigger impact on me than I thought!

Today we worked out at my gym together (yay – twice in one week!). We did a fairly high-volume leg workout and I lifted heavier than I ever have on several exercises. Rob just tells me the weight I’m going to lift, I turn white and shake my head, but then I somehow do it. Here’s what we did (my weights):

Leg extensions: 2 sets to warm-up, 15-20 reps
Leg press: 3×10 reps at 105-115kg, pause for four seconds, followed by 5-6 more reps (rest-pause technique!)
Squats: 1×12 @ 40kg, 1×12 @ 60kg, 3×10 @ 80kg, to finish one set of ass to ground squats holding for 2 seconds at the bottom
Hack squats: 1×12 @ 40kg, 2×12 @ 80kg, 1×10 @ 100kg
Leg extensions: 1×12 @ 40kg, 1×10 @ 55kg, 1×10@65kg, 1×8@75kg (massive PR!!)
Deadlifts: 2×10@60kg, 1×7@80kg
Leg curls: 3×12@45kg

After a few days off (not by choice: my gym closed for three days!), I was surprised to be squatting 100kg at my first session back. I also don’t think I’ve had so many people stop their workouts to stare at me, what with my knee-highs and extra grunting!

Even Rocky was pooped!

What did you eat on Christmas day? Did you still fit a workout in?

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