Have I lost my mind?

Have I lost my mind?

After all the stress I went through two weeks ago, today we found out that Rob’s second attempt at a UK visa was successful. I haven’t applied again yet, but seeing as I’m using the same documents, I don’t expect to encounter any problems moving to London.

Everyone is going to think I’m crazy, but neither of us were particularly excited when we found out we had been approved. I’m usually a pretty optimistic person but considering Rob’s application still wasn’t 100 per cent correct (and the visa centre seemed to operate a no-leniency policy), we became convinced that we were going to be rejected again. Consequently, we came up with a plan B that I quietly mentioned in my last post.

We decided to move to Berlin, Germany. Training people when I don’t speak their language? No problem. Now you must really think I’m crazy. Or maybe just ambitious?

Instead of moving in March as originally planned, I was going to find a temporary job – preferably in a gym – for a few months and we would leave during the European summer time. That would have given us enough time for me to gain some PT experience and learn the basics of the language. We had already taken a couple of lessons!

Why Berlin? It is cheap! Sydney is so expensive, and you sometimes forget until you travel to other places. Rental prices are the third-highest in the world and groceries are ridiculous ($200 a week for meat and vegetables, anyone?). We pay $1600 a month for our tiny apartment outside of the city, but we could pay half that to live in a proper beautiful house with multiple bedrooms in central Berlin. The low cost of living is extremely attractive and hard to erase from my mind.

We always knew that moving to London wouldn’t result in a massive reduction in our cost of living. Everything is slightly cheaper there but there’s no way I’ll be making as much money now that I’m leaving my cushy contracted job. It was just being reminded that there are cheaper options out there that caused us to second-guess our decision, but I guess we knew that all along.

When we heard the news we were both disappointed, but I spent the day reminding myself why we were so excited to move to London in the first place. Rereading my old posts certainly helped! We are going to have cheap European holidays at our fingertips, I’m going to be happy no matter as I will soon be doing something that I love, and we will be close to my brother-in-law and his family.

In my heart I know it makes more sense for us to move to London. It’s nice to have a choice. Right now we are speculatively planning to move to London for the two-year duration of the visa and then go to Germany afterwards (Rob has another five years to apply for a German visa). I love the idea of living in Europe indefinitely, but not so much in London.

Let's not forget about the amazing desserts! Not that I'll be eating any 😉

Now we have to kick back into high gear. My level two PT assessments are being delayed by the terrible UK-Australia mail route (by the way, I would never do an online certification again given the chance!) so I’m not going to have all my study done before we move. Time for more stress (but I seem to function better when stressed!)…

Have you ever made a life-changing decision? How did you know you made the right choice?

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