Choose your reward

Choose your reward

For those of you who have been following my blog for a while and have noticed my husband’s snarky “cardio is for suckers” comments, you will be as thrilled as I am that he now has to do daily cardio! He has been leaning out since October and the time has finally come for him to suck it up and do some cardio.

Rob will be doing fasted walking for 30 minutes every morning, adding five minutes to the time each week until he reaches 60 minutes. He will continue cutting until we leave Sydney on March 1.

While most male bodybuilders can get away with plain ol’ walking, I have been doing slightly higher intensity cardio since October. My cardio on weekends is pretty limited now, but a couple of months ago I was doing intervals first thing in the morning on Saturdays and Sundays. Despite begging Rob to come with me, he refused!

So you can imagine my reaction when he told me that I now have to get up at 5.20am every day to go walking with him… But, in the end, I agreed.

Why? Lululemon <3

I bought this today and broke my Lulu ban! Oops!


At the end of this month and next, Rob’s going to buy me one item of clothing of my choice from Lulu! Who says I can’t be bribed?! We hardly see each other at the moment so it will be nice to spend some extra time together too.

I’ve never really used rewards as motivation to exercise before, but it really does work. By promising yourself that if you stick to your workout plan then at the end of each month (or whatever time period you choose) you will get a new pair of shoes, a massage or a movie ticket, it truly makes you stay on track and hold yourself accountable. The reason I don’t use a typical reward system is that training is so ingrained in me I know I’m going to work out every day no matter what!

The reward doesn’t have to be material, if you don’t have as much money to blow as me – kidding! We’re on a very tight budget at the moment considering all our moving costs and I’m simply taking advantage of the fact that Lulu will no longer be easily accessible in seven weeks’ time. Sob.

Some ideas for rewards that don’t cost anything are having a bubble bath, going for a nice walk with a friend or watching one of your favourite DVDs. You can also take a habit which you have always done, such as monthly pedicures or the purchase of a certain magazine, and tell yourself you will only get it if you meet your exercise goals for the month. You can also try exercise-related rewards like new workout gear, an entry fee to a race or competition or new lifting straps. Whatever you do, don’t make the mistake of using food as reward – unless it is a protein shake!

I’m motivated by myself and knowing that I will be stepping on stage… eventually. The only time I’ve ever had to push myself to my absolute limits was when I had to diet to fit into my wedding dress (which was altered to become tighter without me asking!). I’m sure when I go on a long contest diet I’m going to have to think of a very good reward for the end of it. In this case, food is entirely acceptable!

Do you reward yourself for sticking to your exercise goals? If so, with what?

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