By request: Wedding pics!

By request: Wedding pics!

After posting up a wedding photo a few weeks ago, I received a number of requests for more photos. What’s a girl to do but comply…

Rob and I were married on May 22, 2010. I can’t believe we’re approaching the two-year mark already – it feels like we just got married last month!

We got married in my home town of Perth, at the national park overlooking the city. We took a chance by getting married in winter, but Perth is its own planet: there’s only about four weeks per year that aren’t 35-40 degrees and sunny. Of course, knowing our luck, the day of our wedding brought a massive thunderstorm. They actually said on the weather forecast the night before: “Tomorrow’s definitely a day to stay indoors all day.”

It would have been fine if we weren’t getting married in a park. The photographer told me that overcast skies make for the best photos, but I was more worried about my hair.

Our ceremony was due to start at 4pm. After raining non-stop all day the skies were clearing at 3pm, on the drive to Kings Park. While everyone started getting excited, I refused to be optimistic. Sure enough, at 3.50pm, it started to drizzle again. We had umbrellas, but they kind of ruined the look I was going for.

I’m not actually a midget….my maid of honour is 6’1″!

At 3.55pm we got a panicked phone call from my maid of honour’s mother. The musicians had not arrived! We called them, and they seemed to think they were in fact there. It turns out some other people were crazy enough to get married in a park during a thunderstorm, and our musicians had set up at the wrong wedding – and no one had said anything to them!

The 15 minute delay as they moved from one side of the park to the other turned out to be a blessing, as the rain stopped. During the ceremony and our two hours of photos there was no rain (although my dress did get very muddy!) but as soon as we got to the restaurant for our very small reception it started raining. Talk about a miracle.

After spending some time in the park, we headed into the west side of the inner city for some more photos. Now my computer is being ridiculous and won’t upload any more photos. So the city photos may justify a part two of this post, if you guys want to see it!

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