Birthdays, biceps and (food) babies

Birthdays, biceps and (food) babies

I know I promised this post would be super informative, but it will have to wait because I want to do a birthday recap instead. Yesterday was my 23rd birthday. Last year I had a terribly boring birthday, but this year Rob wasn’t working and I also had one of my best friends in town so I had a great day!

Steff hasn’t been to Sydney before, so we started off by seeing the sights…

We had to take her to one of our favourite bars in the Rocks, the Lowenbrau. I can’t remember the last time I had this much alcohol! I’m really not a big drinker, but Steff is, and she twisted my arm given the special circumstances.

Yes, that is a stein (one litre!) and, no, I don’t like beer at all. I did not even come close to finishing it. After I told Steff all about what alcohol does to your body, she couldn’t finish her beer either!

We decided to go to one of my favourite local Mexican restaurants, because I figured we wouldn’t go again before we leave. To start, we shared chips and queso dip.

And sangria! Oh boy…

Rob ordered tacos, Steff got enchiladas and I ate about two-thirds of my chimichanga – I was so full from everything else!

Rob wasn't happy when I tried to take a photo of his food...

Rob ate all this, and then finished off mine... that's why he's a bodybuilder ๐Ÿ˜‰

And some birthday cake, if I wasn’t full enough!

So can anyone guess what I got for my birthday? Anyone?

I never thought I would be working out in purple pants, but they were too cute not to get! They’re also reversible, so the black side can be my “professional” outfit.

I got these pantsย as well, but I forgot to take a picture wearing them! And I was doing so well with my picture taking yesterday… They were my last Lululemon purchases for a while ๐Ÿ™

Anyway, I wore the above outfit to the gym today. Rob and I were planning to work out together on the morning of my birthday, but we messed up the time Steff was arriving and we were literally walking out the door when we realised we couldn’t go.

We made up for it this morning by fitting in a workout. We were so full from last night we didn’t even eat a proper pre-workout meal. I felt like I had a rock in my stomach! We did triceps and biceps:
Close grip bench press: 4×10-15
Dips: 3x max
Cable overhead extensions: 4×8-10
FST-7 bar pushdowns (7 sets, 12 reps, 30 seconds rest)
Hammer curls: 3×15
Bar curls: 3×12
Seated alternating dumbbell curls: 4×16-20
FST-7 high pulley cable curls

My muscles were seriously pumped after this workout. Pity I took my flexing photos before the workout!

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