Bon voyage!

Bon voyage!

In 24 hours’ time, I will be boarding my plane to Dubai, which will eventually take me to London! I can’t believe the time has finally arrived. After weeks of selling furniture, days of clearing out my closet and a massive day of cleaning today, we have nothing left to do but step on that flight.

I know many of you were curious to see how on earth I fit my entire life into one suitcase. Let me tell you, it was not easy.

This is the 11th time (!!!) Rob has done a big move in the past decade, so he’s basically a pro now. Although I moved from Perth to Sydney two years ago, I still managed to bring three suitcases with me. And since then, I’ve only been collecting more. In typical girl fashion, it was very sad to part with some of my possessions.Β But the more I threw away, the easier it became.

I had to keep some of my pig paraphernalia, of course!

The photo below is when I had my first panic moment. I had already cleaned out my closet and drawers, but still had the big pile on the floor to squeeze in. Somehow, I did it!

10 points for who can spot my cat!

This is just one of the FOUR trips we made to the charity store to drop off my bags of clothes. Gosh, I hope I earned some good karma!


I procrastinated until this morning to make my final pack and throwing away decisions, but I’m now officially done. The pile on the right is the outfit I’m going to wear on the plane: i.e. as much as I can physically layer on my body. I’m going to be damn hot leaving during Australian summer, but will be fine arriving in London winter. And, yes, the bag does zip up.

I have been eating all my meals off paper plates this week. Looks appetising, huh?

Before anyone asks, I will not be packing meals on my flight. My trainer (ex-trainer??) gave us about 50 Optimum Nutrition whey sachets which will help, but trying to organise meals for a 27 hour flight is laughable. Especially given how precious every inch of our space is!


The week would not have been complete without another curveball being thrown at me, however. Last night, exactly 48 hours before our flight was scheduled to depart, the real estate of our new apartment casually told us that we need to pay six months’ rent in advance, because we don’t have jobs in London. Um, what?! We’d already paid our deposit and the first month’s rent, and we have used Rob’s brother as a guarantor to specifically avoid doing this. We’re still waiting for confirmation, but we’re almost completely certain that they’re just trying to scam more money out of us. The last thing we need is more stress at this point! I’m confident that everything will be okay.

We are both so excited to begin the next chapter of our lives. Almost everyone asks whether we have jobs lined up, but we can only smile and say no. While some people might think it’s crazy to move to the other side of the world with no jobs, we are following our dreams and taking a risk, and that means more than any amount of money to me. I’m confident in both of our abilities to find work, whenever that may be. I will miss my home though – sharks and all.


I don’t know when I’m going to next have internet access, so apologies in advance if I seem to disappear from the blog universe for a week or so!

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