We have arrived safe and sound! The day we left Sydney a few tears were shed, but I was soon happy thinking of what was coming. Checking in was a nightmare. My bag was 40kg (!) so I had to throw away 10kg worth of stuff at the airport. I was the girl sitting on the floor, ripping through her suitcase crying her eyes out and taking my clothes to the bin. Rob helped me a lot by making some room in his case, but it was hard to have to wave goodbye to some of my things without any notice.

Flying with Emirates was a life saver, and I swear the plane seats were more comfortable than the air mattress we had been sleeping on for the past three weeks. We arrived at 11.30am, picked up our cat and were at our apartment by 4pm.

I am in love with our new apartment.

The entire complex is brand new. After cleaning our apartment back in Sydney for two days, I’m excited to live in a clean and new place.

Our kitchen is roomy enough to allow us both to stand in there, unlike our last place. Rob and I used to cook a nice meal together once a week, but haven’t for almost two years, so hopefully we can resurrect our old tradition.

My cat has never seen a washing machine before...

The only problem is that our hot water isn’t working, but that should hopefully be fixed soon. We celebrated our arrival with a drink at our new local pub. All the pubs here are so cute and cosy!

The weather has been quite nice and sunny, except for today where it has rained all day. It’s far colder than I’ve ever experienced, but at least winter is coming to an end so I don’t have to freeze my butt off for much longer. We went grocery shopping today and I nearly fainted at every aisle because the price of everything were so cheap! Everything except meat is less than half the price of what it is in Australia. Crazy!

We also checked out a local gym. We’re taking a week off from working out, so we will be hitting the gym on Wednesday. The new gym seems really cool, but quite male-dominated – which I love!!

Tomorrow I am hopefully organising phones and internet, so I should be back to normal blogging schedule soon. Tuesday we are going to Paris and all my PT assessments are on Saturday, so busy and exciting times ahead! Hopefully I can get some study done some time soon…

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