Lunch in Paris

Lunch in Paris

The alternative title of this post is: Why I will not be competing in a figure competition this year…

We still do not have internet, although I finally have a working phone. Seriously, you don’t appreciate how much you need a phone and the internet until you go more than a week without them. Consequently, my recap of our (short) Paris trip is only coming now. I promise that this will be the last of the non-fitness posts – I’m just having too much fun in Europe!

Tuesday morning we woke up nice and early to make our 7am train to Paris. We only had eggs for breakfast, because we knew the day would serve as one massive carb load. In retrospect, it could have been much worse, but I digress…

The day of eating began with the train journey, where we had croissants and hot chocolates to warm up. I think I’ve had a hot chocolate every day since I’ve arrived – they’re addictive in the cold!

Pastries with a side of studying...

When we crossed the border, I saw my first proper snow in the French countryside! When I was in Europe two years ago, I saw snow for the first time ever – but it was just a sprinkle. This was a serious, pretty blanket of snow.

The trains surrounding us were cancelled because of track problems and also because of Fashion Week in Paris (!) so we were lucky we arrived on time – we didn’t have a second to waste with only seven hours on the ground! When we got off the train it was, unfortunately, raining and freezing.

Although you wouldn

We were both hungry so headed straight to the nearest cafe for an early lunch. Rob had a steak with French fries…

…While I managed to keep it healthy with grilled salmon and a tonne of vegetables. The past few days had left me with a serious vegetable deficit, so I was keen to get some in my system!

And of course we I had a side of baguette. (I’ve been eating baguettes every day too – there are boulangeries everywhere you look!)

We then spent the next few hours walking around the city. The weather cleared up and it ended up being a beautiful day.

We visited Pont Neuf, where Rob proposed to me.

Here is the view from where he proposed. Very romantic!

We happened to stumble by the Australian Bar, but there was no way I was getting Rob to go inside.

We did, however, stop off at the Great Canadian pub for an afternoon snack: poutine. I know, I’m a terrible fitness blogger.

We finished the day by walking up the Champs Elysees. We stopped at the relatively new Abercrombie and Fitch store, which was so over the top extravagant.

The store was five levels, everything was ridiculously expensive, and they were pumping the perfume out of the walls!

Before we left the city, we bought ourselves some crepes. A trip to Paris isn’t complete without a crepe!

5 kilos of Nutella? Yes please!

Most people were surprised when we told them we were going to Paris just for the day. For us, the trip was a novelty – we just wanted to do it because we could. In Australia, the only place you’re getting by train in a day is Wagga Wagga. It’s amazing to know that we can hop on a train and be in another, beautiful country within two hours.

Have you been to Paris before? If you only had seven hours in Paris, what would you do?

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