Chasing my dreams

Chasing my dreams

Apologies for being MIA this week, but I have a very good reason. On the job front, remember my horrible job interview a couple weeks back? And I how I mentioned a fantastic studio I found, where the director liked me but just didn’t have any positions available at the moment?

My powers of persuasion have once again proved successful, as I am pleased to announce I have talked my way into a job!

In the meantime, I was offered jobs at three different commercial gyms but I turned them down. I have always wanted to work for a private boutique studio, and I figured I might as well give it my best shot before succumbing to the claws of a chain. I didn’t want to agree to something I wasn’t completely passionate about, and I wanted to know that I had given everything I could to securing a position I truly wanted – even if such a position wasn’t even available!

Thankfully, my patience and persistence paid off, and I started working on Tuesday. At this stage, I’m using my journalism background to help with the marketing and writing side of the business while I slowly build up clients. Because it’s not a traditional gym with potential clients walking in and out every day, we have to wait for enquiries to come in. I also did an 11 hour flyer drop which was excruciating on my feet, but it still made me happier than any day I spent at my last job!

The studio is for personal training only, so people cannot just come in to work out unsupervised. It is right in the heart of Kensington, which is my absolute favourite area of London, and around the corner from the biggest Whole Foods in London! I also love that everything is exclusive: they only hire the best trainers (so I am enormously flattered that they have picked me!) and their clientele is of a very high standard.

I'm dying to live in one of these gorgeous Kensington houses!

My first client was scheduled for next Tuesday, which I was very excited about. Unfortunately, she has already cancelled! But I know I will be training sooner rather than later – I just have to wait for people to knock on our door.

My story proves you should never give up on anything in life. I was originally told ‘no’, but I refused to take it as a final decision. Because I am newly qualified as a personal trainer and therefore can’t bring much other than my passion to the table, I had to use my other skills to open the door for me. I had to offer something they couldn’t refuse, and show them that I’m not just some other clueless newbie.

It worked and I’m so happy to be doing something I love, at a place I love.

I’ve also been super busy designing programs for my online clients. I’ve had a great response so far, and still have plenty of spots available. And my prices are a steal compared to the £80 (US$127) an hour it now costs to train with me one-on-one!

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