Getting vacation-ready!

I was really surprised to see how many of you related to my last post, and also keep your weight lifting quiet around your friends. For some reason, I was really nervous to post that blog and I almost didn’t. I thought that it might make me seem fake, considering a lot of what I write about is encouraging other people to lift weights. But like I said, it’s a touchy subject when it comes to your friends, but I love talking about it with people who are genuinely interested.

Today is another blog post I didn’t want to publish, but in the spirit of being honest I thought I had to.

I officially began a cut this week. The reason I didn’t want to write about it is because I don’t really need to diet down. I’m doing it for purely superficial reasons: we’re going on vacation with Rob’s dad and stepmother at the end of July, who we haven’t seen since I began training seriously, and I want to look as good as I can when I rock my bikini in Montenegro.

Montenegro - so excited!


For the past 10 weeks, I’ve been following a very relaxed approach to nutrition. Most of the time I follow a standard muscle-building meal plan, but I’ve been enjoying the European lifestyle and having a lot more food and drink than normal including baguettes, croissants, Haagen Dasz and £3 cocktails – all things I couldn’t get in Australia!

Not that I use it as a good measure anyway, but my weight has stayed exactly the same – down to the gram – since I arrived in London. I’m holding a little bit of extra fat, sure, but it has been completely worth it considering how much fun I’ve had in the process.

I’m willingly putting myself through an intense competition-style diet. I’m training no less than five ladies who are looking to compete within the next year, so I need to practice. As always, I love testing my theories out on myself before anyone else. So far, that approach has worked well!

I’ve designed my own detailed, periodised program, which sees small changes in my diet and training routine every one to two weeks – which may adapt depending on how my body responds. I’m only doing a 10 week cut. From my starting point, I would have needed to start more like 16 weeks out, but this is just for (my weird idea of) fun. I don’t think 10 weeks – with only about five of those being super intense – is enough to harm my progress in the long run.

Rob also started leaning out this week. He has made some great progress since I started training him almost four months ago, and moving him away from a traditional bulking/leaning cycle was a smart move. He is another one of the reasons I wanted to cut now – it’s so much easier to follow a similar physique goal to your partner. I have no idea how some people do this with partners who don’t work out!

When was the last time you did a cut? Does your partner follow a similar lifestyle to you?

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