Adventures in Amsterdam

Adventures in Amsterdam

Hi everyone! I’m back home, safe and sound. We had a great time in Amsterdam and we also successfully dodged all the celebrations for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee here in London.

We were in Amsterdam for three nights, as a belated wedding anniversary trip. Neither of us had been to the city before, but we still received some weird looks from people when we told them we were going there for our anniversary. Despite its reputation, it really is a beautiful city with more to it than the red light district. Plus, I’ve been cooped up in Australia for far too long so any country would seem amazing to me!

If you look super closely, you will notice that my husband has his damn tongue out!! He insists on ruining every photo by pulling a stupid face. Thankfully he behaved on our wedding day

Case in point!

So pretty!

We didn’t work out or follow our normal eating schedule while we were away, mainly because it’s expensive to dine out at every meal out when you eat seven times a day! So we just tried to have bigger meals, three times a day like ‘normal’ people. And we didn’t want to waste any time in the beautiful city inside a gym.

Every morning we filled up on our hotel’s buffet, which offered cold meats, smoked salmon, croissants and muesli. I overdosed on this muesli. I can’t believe I used to have that stuff for breakfast every single morning a few years ago. It seriously tastes like dessert – how naive was I to think it was healthy?!

I think our diet was about 90% carbs. Perhaps I’ll have really good workouts this week in my carb-loaded state?! The club sandwich below wasΒ hands down the best sandwich I’ve ever had in my life – chicken, bacon and some crazy sauce. But even that was too much bread for me, so I took out the middle piece.

Pizza vegetables count, right?!

I did not know this in advance, but apparently Amsterdam is famous for fries – and we ate a lot of them!

And, of course, plenty of beer was consumed!

Hot chocolate for me!

We spent most of the time just walking around and shopping. Rob and I haven’t spend a full day together in almost three months, so it was nice to just spend time with each other.

True fact: there are more bikes in Amsterdam than people. It’s crazy – the city is full of cyclists, not cars! People in the city don’t seem to work out, but they are all quite thin. It must be all the riding! But it was honestly kind of refreshing to be in a place where people weren’t so hung up on their aesthetics.

Finally, Sara had told me I must try a waffle, but I completely forgot until I got to the airport! In a move highly unusual for us, we didn’t have any dessert on our trip at all. But I found a mini waffle at the airport, which was delicious! Sorry, Sara πŸ˜‰

Have you been to Amsterdam before? I highly recommend it!

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