The year that was

The year that was

So I may or may not have missed my one year blogging anniversary… but only by a few days! For some reason, I thought it was on June 16, but it appears not. My first ever welcome post seems to have vanished (I think when I switched over to self-hosting), but my second post is dated June 11.

This blog has documented my personal journey, from deciding to compete, to quitting my job, becoming a personal trainer, moving to the other side of the world, and starting my dream job! I thought it might be fun to go through my top 12 posts from the past 12 months, based on your feedback and what I think deserves some extra attention. Enjoy!

  • Overcoming body demons: One of my earliest posts, about my journey from starvation to bodybuilder.
  • Can ‘experts’ be trusted?Β Why nutritionists aren’t always the best people to listen to when it comes to sports-specific nutrition.
  • Managing expectations: Β Probably my most popular post to date. Inspired by a rare off-season picture of a competitor, I talked about how the typical look of a fitness model is completely unrealistic.
  • Never give up: This is a beautiful post Rob wrote as his one and only contribution to my blog. It truly comes from the heart!
  • Implant pressure: A rarely discussed topic, I talked about whether female competitors are forced to get breast implants.
  • The mental side of dieting: An honest post about the mental struggles I face with following a strict diet.
  • Accepting weight gain: You have to be willing to see the number on the scale increase if you are serious about gaining muscle. Note that I don’t follow a gain/lean cycle anymore.
  • Are you training like a bodybuilder? This is one of my favourites! I explain why it is sometimes necessary to break form in order to continue seeing strength and physique gains.
  • Should a man comment on a woman’s weight? Pretty self-explanatory!
  • Gender double standards: This is basically a rant about women being expected to train differently to men, and why it is so important to lift heavy weights!
  • Setting realistic goals: Why it is going to take me five years to reach my goals, and how they have shifted from aesthetics to strength.
  • Are you really pushing yourself? How to know if you’re really reaching muscle failure.

If that’s not enough, make sure you check out my diet and training tabs on the top left hand side of this page, which archive of all my favourite posts.

Finally, this magazine snippet has been floating around Facebook the past few days (click to zoom in):

I could write about 10 individual posts about that nonsense, but this is exactly why I started this blog. I hope that I can continue to provide real, useful training information instead of the propaganda promoted by the likes of Tracy Anderson. Thank you all for reading. I truly value the friendships and connections I have made through this little blog!

Now over to you: Are there any topics you would like me to cover in the future?

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