Health first

Health first

It’s been a few weeks since I updated you guys on my training, so I figured today would be a good time to talk about things…. There is a reason I haven’t really mentioned it, because it unfortunately hasn’t been going so well.

For the past three weeks or so, almost every time I lift weights I feel extremely dizzy. It doesn’t matter whether I’m lifting super heavy for low reps or doing high reps at a low weight, almost every single set leaves me feeling as though I’m going to faint. I was warming up for squats last week with just the bar, and I had to sit down immediately afterwards because the room started spinning.

I’m not trying to kill myself, so when this happens I stop my workout and do some stretching or gentle machine work. I feel fine when I do cardio – even sprints – which is weird. For the past few weeks I therefore haven’t been lifting as heavy as usual, and I have even been avoiding certain exercises.

The rest of the time I am fine – except for three weeks ago when I actually did faint. I have only fainted once before in my life, when I was about 10, so to say it was a terrifying experience is an understatement. I was out one night for my colleague’s birthday and just hit the floor in the middle of a crowded bar. I scared the hell out of Rob – who was quick enough to catch me –  and looked like a total lightweight in front of my colleagues after my two glasses of wine.

At the time, I thought my fainting was due to not having eaten enough that day, but now I’m not so sure. Yes, I need to go to a doctor, but the medical system over here is a bit confusing. It’s free to see a doctor, but you have to apply for an appointment and have a special membership.

I’m fairly certain it’s not being caused my blood pressure. I had it checked three months ago and it was borderline high. I’ve never had any problems with my iron levels, so I’m sure it’s not that either.

All this means that I have stopped my lean out. I’m honestly not too concerned about that right now. My health will always be my number one priority – not if I have a six pack or not. The funny thing was I really hadn’t changed my diet all that much yet: I had just started measuring my portions to make sure I was on track, and cut out all the junk food that sometimes slips in to my diet.

Since experiencing the dizziness, I’ve been experimenting with my eating. I work out in the morning straight after breakfast, and I usually have carbs with my post workout meal and then the two meals after that.

Instead, I’ve been having carbs pre- and post-workout and then a big serving of carbs with dinner. It’s my own weird version of carb backloading! I’ve only been doing it for the past week so I haven’t seen any significant changes yet (although I felt perfectly fine during my workout this morning!), but I’m thinking that loading up on carbs before my morning workout can’t hurt.

Last night's dinner: Salmon, peppers and white potatoes. NOM.

A possible, very interesting solution came to me on Friday. I had an incredibly stressful week (never thought I’d say that as a PT!), so I decided to get a massage on pay day. I used to get a massage every two or three weeks back in Sydney (we had a masseuse in our building, so it was hard to not slip in for one on my lunch break!), but I haven’t had one since January so was well overdue.

The lady who massaged me on Friday told me I had a “really messed up” back. It’s not like I haven’t heard that one before. But what was interesting is that the second she touched my neck, she said “You get dizzy a lot, yes?” Wow.

I haven’t found a new chiropractor since we moved here, because I didn’t really feel the need to right away. When I finished up with my chiro in Sydney, I was feeling amazing. I went a few months without much stress in my life, and very limited time sitting staring at a computer screen.

Almost the second I started my new job as operations manager at the gym, I felt my shoulders tighten up again and the lump in my neck has reappeared. As if I wasn’t having enough problems in the gym already, last week I pulled my left trap muscle as I dropped down after doing chin ups. I felt everything release, but not in a good way. I couldn’t move my head to the left for two days!

If all this really is caused by my neck, then I will be forever in awe of what spinal health has done to me. Between my bloating being fixed, my migraines disappearing, and now this… yikes.

While I look for a new chiro nearby, I’m going to get some bloodwork done in the meantime. I’m having some hormonal issues too (although that is a post for another time, as this one is already too long!), and I’m even wondering if they could be related. Hopefully I can get some answers soon!

Has anyone experienced anything like this before?

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