Shoulder progress & my supplement stack

Shoulder progress & my supplement stack

Thank you all for your concern about my dizziness. After some experimentation with massage and stretching over the last three days, I’m becoming increasingly convinced my problems are stemming from my neck. I am seeing an osteopath who specialises in cranial and spinal health on Friday, and I will hopefully get in to see a doctor by the end of the week.

In England, you can only see a doctor in your catchment area, and the clinic closest to me had a flood and isn’t taking any new patients for an indefinite period. Figures! I can’t even pay a doctor to see me in this country! After visiting a number of clinics, I finally got one to take me, so I should have an appointment for some blood tests set up within the next couple of days.

Moving on, I thought I would talk about how my shoulders have improved (despite my very significant training setback!) and also talk a bit about what supplements I take, seeing as I get asked that question a lot.

Since feeling pretty weak in my shoulder workouts, I revamped my routine and my training has actually been going really well for the past six weeks. I do one full shoulder workout per week, as well as two or three exercises tacked on to the end of my chest workout.

My shoulder workout is as follows:
Kettlebell clean & press: 3 x 8 (per side)
Seated Smith machine press: 4 x 8 (followed by as many reps as possible behind the neck at the end of each set)
Front raise holding plate: 4 x 15
Single arm cable raise: 4 x 12 (four paused reps, four single reps, four paused reps)
Standing bent over flye: 4 x 12
High pulley rope pull: 2 x 15, 2 x 10

This is the only time I follow straight sets. On the additional day, I typically make one of the exercises very high volume, using techniques such as FST-7, drop sets or even intense pyramid training.

I don’t think I have increased in strength at all – although I was able to almost lift the entire weight stack while doing rope pulls last week! I feel as though I’m getting a better pump though, and I feel like my form has improved a lot over the last few weeks.

Last time I talked about my shoulders I was very whingey. I know they have come a long way, but I’m just impatient. I mean, how long does it take until I have shoulders like Raechelle Chase?!


As for supplements, there hasn’t been much change over the past year or so. I use Optimum Nutrition and Dymatize, and I’m reluctant to go to any other brands. From what I’ve been told, ON is the best quality protein you can find, while Dymatize is a close second – but tastes better, in my opinion.

I drink Dymatize whey. We are almost out of the chocolate flavour (the big box), and we had to buy the berry-flavoured powder. I’m not really keen on fruit-flavoured protein, but it was all they had left except for Pina Colada – blergh! My favourite type of casein will always be ON chocolate – I add a little water and some Greek yoghurt for a creamy dessert every night.

The other protein is a whey powder I won via a giveaway on Nicola’s blog. I was so excited to win something! It’s a completely natural product, which I try to remind myself when I’m grumbling about the lack of (artificial) sweetness.

I also take creatine pre-workout, and XTend (BCAAs) during my training session. I take four fish oil capsules a day, and I’ve recently started supplementing with Maca powder at Donloree’s recommendation to balance my hormones. Thankfully I found some capsules after I took this picture, because that powder was killing me! I stupidly took the first spoonful dry, which resulted in me nearly puking on my kitchen floor! Nasty.

What brand of supplements do you use?

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