Too beefy for Wimbledon!

Too beefy for Wimbledon!

Yesterday I was lucky enough to go to Wimbledon! My client who I previously mentioned invited me as one of his guests. There are only 300 members of the club, and apparently the waiting list is tens of thousands of people long. I heard that the Prince of Spain offered them millions of dollars but was still turned down for membership. So, yes, I was pinching myself!

My client permanently has two seats on centre court, so I spent most of the day with one of his friends. Our seats were amazing – six rows from the front, and directly across from Prince Charles and Camilla! You can’t even buy these tickets: they are members only or drawn by a ballot.

First up was Federer! He was amazing to watch. He is so fast, and takes control of every point.

Next up was Caroline Wozniacki and Tamira Paszek in an epic three hour game. I normally don’t like women’s tennis, but this match was so exciting! Neither showed signs of giving up, and it was neck and neck all the way through.

I left after that to meet up with an old friend who was working at the arena. I was trying to be dignified, so I didn’t snap any pictures of my food – but I did get a sneaky pic of my strawberries and cream!

The only difficult part of the day was choosing an outfit. There was a dress code to get into the members area, which meant a dress and heels for me.

When we moved to London, and I had to get rid of 80 per cent of my clothes, the task was made easier by the fact that I had in fact grown out of a lot of my clothes. Before I started lifting weights I had a pretty small waist. I’ve always had big hips and legs, but my upper body was almost nonexistent.

I brought a handful of nice dresses with me, but my final outfit was the third attempt. I first tried on a dress I bought years ago – it was tight then so I wasn’t holding out much hope. It zipped up, but I looked huge in it.

I asked Rob: “Do I look too beefy to wear this dress?” And he said yes. Haha. What can I say, we have an honest relationship!

Instead of getting upset that I was too big for my clothes like most women would, I celebrated! I have gained a lot of muscle over the past couple of years, and I’m proud of it. Seeing as I basically live in racer back shirts and Lululemon – which stretches to fit me at any size – I don’t really notice how big I’ve gotten until I try to wear ‘normal’ clothes.

I went shopping to find a new dress to wear to Wimbledon, but none of the 15 dresses I tried on fit me properly. It’s so hard to find dresses (or jeans, for that matter) that fit my body now that I have muscle. My back and quads are bigger than my waist, so it’s tricky finding a balance between too baggy and too tight.

But, on the positive side, I can now wear midriff tops. I never, ever thought I would say that! I’ve never worn midriffs in my life, and now I finally feel comfortable enough to show off my stomach – even though it’s not as lean as it has been in the past.

I can also wear tiny shorts and not worry about any fat or cellulite hanging out!

And the other day I got a huge compliment from a lady who came into the studio to enquire about training: she said I had her ideal body. She said my legs were ‘so toned’ and asked if I got this way by doing pilates. Sigh.

Have you ever grown out of your clothes?

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