Random Monday facts

Random Monday facts

The lovely Amber nominated me for the One Lovely Blog award. I think she was the fifth or sixth person to nominate me, so apologies to everyone else for taking so long to put this post together! It’s tricky trying to think of seven things about myself ๐Ÿ˜‰

Here are the rules:
1.ย  Link back to the blogger who nominated you.
2.ย  Paste the award image anywhere on your blog.
3.ย  Share seven facts about yourself.
4.ย  Nominate other blogs you enjoy for this award.
5.ย  Post a comment on your nomineesโ€™ blog to let them know of their nomination.

Without further ado, here are my facts:

1. I am almost blind. My optometrist told me Iโ€™m a -8, where 0 represents perfect eyesight and -10 is legally blind. My eyesight started dramatically decreasing when I was eight years old, but almost levelled out about five years ago. I was also told I canโ€™t ever get laser eye surgery, because I have myopia AND astigmatism and they canโ€™t fix both. I would like to seek a second opinion, but I’m fine for now – so long as I donโ€™t lose my glasses!

Excuse my ghost face!

2. I have never broken a bone. However, I sprained two of my toes and slipped a disc in my lower back in my dancing days. On all of those occasions, I danced in either a concert or a competition. Nothing like winning a competition while dancing en pointe (on your toes) with aย sprained toe, with a smile plastered on your face but tears running down your cheeks! I know a lot of dancers who have performed with injuries, so Iโ€™m not the only crazy one!

3. Rob and I are probably only together because his cousin spilled a drink on me. Rob worked with my best friend but had only met me once, when he decided to play it cool by not talking to me. One night my friend and I were at a bar and bumped into Rob and his cousin. He ran to get me some napkins after his cousin spilled some of his beer down my back. Again, we didnโ€™t really speak but a couple of hours later he texted my friend for my number. She didnโ€™t approve of us dating at all, but she thought it would be fun to see me juggle another guy (I was dating five other guys at the time – donโ€™t judge, it was my love/hate men stage!). The rest is history ๐Ÿ™‚

4. I cry during almost any movie. Iโ€™m the girl that cries during the previews. It doesn’t have to be sad, romantic movies either – I have been known to cry in action and comedy films! I have no idea why I get so emotional, but I seem to relate every Hollywood scenario back to my own life. The Notebook is one of my favourite movies, but no matter how many times I see it, I spend more than half of it in tears because I know whatโ€™s going to happen.

5. In case you missed it, my nickname is Pig. Everyone calls me Pig, from my friends, to my (old) trainer to my five year old niece (purely by coincidence!). I unsurpisingly get some weird looks when people call me Pig! It came about during high school when my best friend and I would stay at each otherโ€™s houses. She would always drink her orange juice really quickly in the morning, so I called her a drink pig. Her retort was that I was a food pig (which is undeniable!) and we called each other pig ever since.

I have a lot of pig paraphernalia, including my favourite "I jiggle when I giggle" pyjama shirt!

6. Rob and I basically got each other our current jobs. The tennis academy he works at is one of the best in England so he knew about it well in advance, but when we arrived he kept procrastinating aboutย taking the trip toย drop his resume off. One day I forced him to go with me and the very next day their head coach quit, which meant they needed someone to start immediately. As for me, I had written a list of all the gyms in Kensington and Chelsea I wanted to visit and Rob came with me for the resume drop. I accidentally misjudged the map and we got off the train at the wrong station. I just said we should forget about going to the studio, because it was a half hour walk away and the only gym in the area, but Rob made us go. It’s crazy how much we have each other’s backs!

7. When I first started lifting weights, I used jars of pasta sauce. Despite what the female fitness magazines tell you, it doesnโ€™t do anything. I told my best friend and her response was: “You don’t even need weights. As long as you squeeze the muscle really hard, you’ll be toned! Just do bicep curls with invisible weights!” Haha.

This award has been going around for ages, so I know most of you have already done it. But I don’t think the following amazing ladies have:


Your turn – tell me one random fact about yourself!

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