5 gym sins

5 gym sins

Hi guys! I’m currently sitting in the sunshine and enjoying my holiday. Montenegro is probably the most beautiful place I’ve ever been in my life and I can’t wait to tell you all about it! For now, here is a post I prepared earlier for you to read while I enjoy the view from my balcony. I tried to include a picture to make you all jealous but I’ve never had to blog on an iPad before and it’s not cooperating!

For something fun and light-hearted, I thought I’d take a little dig at some of the things I hate most in the gym. I know a lot of people will disagree with some of these, but I’m just saying they’re not right for me.

1. Perform a full body TRX workout

I have a new client who told me she just wanted to do pilates and use the TRX to ‘tone up’. I told her she had two options: trust me, or go with another trainer. Luckily my brazen attitude paid off because she’s sticking with me!

I have nothing against using the TRX for certain exercises – I regularly get my clients to perform inverted rows using the apparatus. But I caution against anyone using it for a complete workout day in, day out. It is a tool, just as a barbell, dumbbell, kettlebell or cable machine is. None of these things should be used in isolation; you should create a program that challenges your body in multiple ways. In most situations, I would rather have someone perform a free weight squat than a TRX squat, for example.

2. Wear gloves

Last year, I did try using gloves for a while. I lasted about a month before I realised they were only making me lazy. I don’t mind having calluses – they are a great conversation starter! – and I love that my grip strength has improved dramatically since getting rid of my gloves. I do wear straps for deadlifts (I would use chalk if my gym would let me!) but with everything else I lift raw.

3. Use the maxi pad

I hate these things. There’s nothing worse than a guy loading up multiple plates on each side, strapping on a belt and then making sure the neck pad is safely in position. It just irks me. We have four of them at work (for one squat rack, figure that one out!) and my clients always ask what they are, but I won’t let any of them use it. I find it impossible to pack my shoulders on a squat when that thing is in the way. I will, however, let it slide when it comes to hip thrusts.

Bonus points for the pad AND gloves!


4. Walk with (light) dumbbells

I am not referring to farmers walks – those are great for grip strength and overall conditioning. I’m talking about those who think it’s a good idea to go to the gym and walk on a flat terrain for 45 minutes while holding weights which weigh less than their purse. Usually these people will also chuck in some random bicep curls or shoulder presses while they’re at it. Bonus points if they walk backwards on the treadmill too!

5. Stand on a bosu ball

I manage more than 50 trainers at work. I can immediately lose respect for someone once I see them bring out a bosu ball. I’m sure it was invented with good intention, but the 1 per cent of the time it is used correctly does not make up for the 99 per cent it is abused. The question to ask yourself is: Could this exercise be performed more efficiently if I was standing on stable ground with a heavier weight? Most likely the answer is yes! The only time it should be used is for injury rehabilitation. It is not going to give you abs of steel.

The picture above comes from a great article by Dean Somerset, which explains in more detail while the bosu sucks!

Do you commit any of these sins? ;

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