A week of bliss

A week of bliss

Hi everyone! My blog is going to be a little more personal for the next couple of posts while I recap my holiday in Montenegro. I promise I’ll be back to fitness soon, but I thought it would be terribly sad not to show you the beautiful pictures of my trip!

Last Saturday we set off for a week-long holiday with Rob’s dad and stepmother in Montenegro. I realise not a lot of people know where Montenegro is, so here is a map. It is right between Serbia and Croatia, not far from Italy, and part of former Yugoslovia.


Rob’s dad is originally from Montenegro. He ran away from home when he was 13 and moved to Canada 50 years ago. Rob could get a Montenegrin visa, as would I by default, so this is the only country in Europe we could legally live in on a permanent basis. Unfortunately, it’s not part of the European Union, so it doesn’t offer us much help in England.

Anyway, we landed in Dubrovnik, Croatia at 6.30pm last Saturday night. I immediately knew the country would be beautiful when I looked out my window at the airport:

We had to drive more than two hours across the border to get to our accommodation, and we got to see some amazing sights on the way. We had to drive on to a large boat to cross the water at one stage, which I thought was the coolest thing ever – Rob wasn’t so impressed!

The landscape of Montenegro is so unique. I have been to a lot of beautiful countries, but nothing quite like this. I love how all the houses are built into the mountains (it reminds me of New Zealand), and how all the mountains meet the water.

When we arrived at our apartment, it was dark so we couldn’t see anything. We knew we were sleeping right over a cliff, but were not prepared for this gorgeous view from our balcony when we woke up:

We had access to the beach in the photo above, but we were able to jump directly in the crystal blue water from our room and we preferred to sun tan on our own private balcony. Along this strip, there was a number of restaurants and a casino. We ate every single meal out, and most just at one cafe.

We were staying in Pržno, which was about a 10 minute drive from the main city, Budva. It was nice to be outside of the city, as it was so noisy there at night with all the beachfront bars. We wanted to relax, not party (I’m saving that for Ibiza in 10 days!). But we had a clear view of the city from our balcony!

I woke up the whole neighbourhood when I jumped off this rock, haha!

We also had another balcony we could access via Rob’s dad’s apartment.

This is a shot of our apartments – ours was the only place that was literally in the water on a cliff!

We spent most of our time laying around in the sun, swimming and playing tennis. The weather was just gorgeous: 35 and perfectly sunny every single day. We were the only idiots playing tennis in the middle of the day, though!

Sveti Stefan:

We went to Budva twice, but this is the only non-food shot I took.  Oops! I think I was distracted by all the beautiful women, but more on that later!

We also went to Porto Montenegro, which is a new marina area under development. We saw some amazing yachts!

The photo below does not do this place justice. It is a private pool/bar in the middle of the sea at one end of Porto Montenegro. Very cool!

We also did a day trip up to Nikšić, where Rob’s father grew up. The drive was about two hours, all through winding roads on the edges of cliffs. I was a little bit nervous.

Again, I had another photo fail because this is the only photo I took! We went to lunch at the top of a mountain (there seems to be a lot of those in this country!) and this was our view overlooking the city:

I think that’s enough photos for now! Next time I will share some of the amazing food I got to eat, as well as some life revelations I had on the trip.

Tell me about your week!

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