Palacinke and chevaps

Palacinke and chevaps

Continuing on from part one of my Montenegro recap, today I want to talk about the amazing food I ate! I know I promised that I would only do one more vacation post, but I had to split this one into two because it was just too long. So you will have to wait with bated breath to see why I want to talk about the women so much. I promise you there is a good reason – related to fitness! – behind it.

Montenegro is very close to Italy, so that means I ate a lot of my two favourite foods: pasta and gelato! They are also close to Greece, which clearly has an influence in terms of the meat. Throughout our trip, we ate three times per day – like ‘normal’ people. We both dealt with the change from small, frequent meals pretty well.

We usually went downstairs for coffee at around 9am. Everyone in Montenegro is extremely relaxed, so it normally took forever to even order our food. Most days we ate at around 10.30am, so I was absolutely famished by then. I experimented with a few different items on the menu before settling on my favourite: two eggs with bacon and a side of palačinke (crepes) with Nutella. Way better than oatmeal.

Bacon and egg sandwich with chips for breakfast? OK!

Ham and cheese baguette


We had palačinke every single day, sometimes multiple times a day. So worth it.

Most days we played tennis at noon and then swam and sunbathed for a couple of hours before eating a late lunch at 3ish. I ate only traditional Montenegrin foods: lots of meat, fish, fresh vegetables, pasta and pizza. We kept joking that this was the perfect food for bodybuilders, because the portions were massive. My father-in-law covered all our expenses, but everything was so cheap. Most meals were 6-8 euros for huge portions.

Best pizza of my life!

Cherry and cabernet fliet mignon with tagliatelle

Bolognese, which was more of a ragu

Meat platter

I had plenty of  chevaps, which is basically the Bosnian version of fast food: a blend of meats (usually beef and pork), cooked with onions, tomatoes and mushrooms and often served in a flat pita.

Chevaps with crispy potatoes

Take away chevaps!

I’ll be honest, I’m not normally the biggest fan of vegetables but I couldn’t get enough of them on our trip! I think I’ve just been eating disgusting English vegetables for too long. My father-in-law ordered an amazing salad one night that I’m kicking myself for not taking a picture of.

I had lots of caprese salads!

We usually ate a late dinner at around 9 or 10, in true European fashion. This is the reason most of my dinner photos are so terrible!

Fish and spinach and garlic potatoes

I wish I had a better picture of this too. I only had chicken once on the trip (I eat so much of it at home I needed a break!) but this was amazing: chicken with mint and goat cheese sauce, with lots of roasted veggies on the side.

I obviously can’t speak the language, and neither can Rob. Surprisingly, we only got lost in translation once. I ordered something that sounded like chevaps, and was presented with a plate of deep fried artery cloggers. Haha! It is very insulting to not finish your food in Montenegro, but I couldn’t eat more than one of these meat and cheese sticks:

I know Paris is famous for bread, but Montenegro should take that title! Every time we sat down at a restaurant, we were presented with huge baskets of bread. And if we ate all of it, we were given another basket! Given how much I love carbs, this was heaven.

I actually didn’t drink very much, because it was too hot. But I enjoyed a frozen daiquiri at the bar in Porto Montenegro.

And I couldn’t say no on our last night. We were at our favourite cafe on the beach, and there was a band playing right next to us.

Let’s not forget about the amazing desserts. I didn’t take any photos of the ice cream, but here is a fluffy torte we shared.

Chocolate mousse

My diet was very clearly high in carbs while we were away – I’d guess at least 60 per cent of my daily calories were coming from carbs – but Rob and I kept joking that we were probably going to lose weight because we were eating so much less than normal. Sure enough, despite eating all this amazing food and not working out at all (apart from our tennis!), my weight stayed the same. I credit it to the hungry muscles I’ve built up over the years!

Sorry for all the food porn 😉 Back to normal soon!

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