Growing confidence

Growing confidence

For the final post in my series of Montenegro recaps (click here for part one and part two), I can finally put an end to your curiosity and talk about the women!

Before we left for our trip, a number of people told us that Montenegro had the most beautiful women in the world. I kind of brushed it off because I’ve heard that about certain countries before, but my goodness is it ever true! Without a shadow of a doubt, every single woman under the age of 30 literally looks like she’s stepped off a runway.

I googled 'women in Montenegro' and this sums it up nicely!


They are all at least 6 foot tall and weigh about 100 pounds, with perfectly tanned skin. This is never a good thing when your husband is obssessed with loves tall women – I’m the shortest woman he’s ever been with and I’m considered tall by most people!

At all times, the women are either wearing bikinis or dressed to the nines. Not one of them walks around in gym clothes (heck, I don’t think they would even know what a gym is – they just don’t exist in that part of the world!). Plastic surgery must be cheap over there too, because almost every single one of them had breast implants.

So, why is this important?

When Rob and I were travelling back from Budva after a night of getting whiplash from gawking at all the women, we realised if we had come to Montenegro a couple of years ago it would have probably destroyed our relationship. (Rob’s dad goes to Montenegro every single summer and while Rob’s brother usually heads over with his family, it was just too far for us to travel from Australia.)

I used to feel incredibly insecure about my body, even though I had a good figure. While Rob and I can now both look at women and appreciate their bodies together, a couple of years ago I probably would have cried every night and thought that Rob wanted to leave me to be with another woman. I most likely would have pushed him over the edge with my insecurity, and I know it would have ended badly.

Now, I’m so proud of my body and it is solely down to the fact that I lift weights. I am proud of the muscle, and physical and mental strength weight lifting has given me.

This was on the second day… thankfully I’m not so ghostly white now!

Even though the women in Montenegro were drop dead gorgeous, they were skinny fat. It was obvious they had never done exercise in their life. From observation, it seems that most of them only eat once a day (except for the ice cream which most of them consume for breakfast!) and smoke like chimneys.

(An interesting point which I could write a whole post about is the fact that Montenegrin men and women are so slender, yet eat lots of foods that most people wouldn’t – bread, ice cream, pasta, etc. Fast food doesn’t exist in that country, and neither does modified healthy foods like frozen yoghurt or protein powder brownies. They all eat real food – mostly carbohydrates – and don’t exercise, yet they have the most enviable bodies on the planet. It just goes to show that there is no miracle diet secret!)

Once upon a time, I would have killed to look like one of these women. But for the first time in my life, I feel so comfortable in my own body. It also helps that my husband told me I had the best body on the beach, haha!

Apart from the two nights we went into the city, I spent most of our trip in a bikini. I didn’t diet before we went away and I was still holding on to about 10 pounds of fat I would have liked to get rid of, yet I still felt very confident in my own skin. Even when I played tennis, I wasn’t wearing much:

I love dressing up and rarely get the opportunity to do it, so I made sure I was looking good when we went into Budva though. I had to give the local girls some competition! I always say to Rob that the minute all the men stop smiling at me is when I need to worry. I think the guys liked me because I must have looked like a foreigner with all my curves 😉

But, most of all, I think the fact that I stand tall and confident in my body speaks volumes. I can honestly say I would never have reached this point without strength training, so it just gives me another reason to be thankful that I picked up my first piece of iron.

Have you felt more confident in your body since you started lifting?

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