Waffles in Belgium

Waffles in Belgium

We spent the past weekend in Brussels, Belgium. Rob has a friend from the US visiting, and we wanted to do a short trip away somewhere. We wanted to pick a place we could travel to via train, but we didn’t want to go to Paris for the third time (you know, because after a while Paris becomes tedious, HA). So Belgium it was!

It’s funny how not a single English person I know has been to Belgium, despite it being less than two hours away by train. It has a reputation for being boring, but it was perfect for our purposes – shopping, eating and relaxing!

Like almost every European city, the architecture was just beautiful (prepare for picture overload!).

We saw a random couple dancing while having lunch!

I swear one day I will get a normal photo of my husband!

Even our hotel was gorgeous!

Now let’s talk about the food! OMG. You guys know I never hold back on holiday! Belgium’s famous dish is moules and frites (mussels and fries), which was awesome.

A closer look....

The waffles were amazing, which is saying something because I normally hate waffles! I actually preferred the waffle I had from the street vendor.

The pasta was also amazing…. sense a pattern here?!

With every coffee – or hot chocolate, in my case – you order, you also receive a mini waffle and a piece of delicious chocolate. I definitely had multiple cups because of it!

We also had to stop in a chocolate shop for the real deal. NOM.

I’ve been trying to buy winter clothes lately. Every women’s jacket I’ve tried on has been tight in the shoulders and arms (seriously, I look like the incredible hulk in the biceps!) but loose in the waist. So I did what any sane girl would do – buy men’s clothes!

But I did buy a gorgeous pair of shoes I have to share:

Have you been to Belgium before? Do you like waffles?

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