Time management

Time management

Molly Galbraith wrote a blog post a few months ago about discovering where your priorities truly lie. As Molly stated, you can claim to hold certain things in high regard, but your true priorities will be revealed when you look at how you spend the majority of your time. She recorded how she spent every minute of her days, and I was intrigued by the experiment and wanted to try it for myself.

Over the course of one week, I logged every waking minute of my life. I have created two charts below so you can sneak a peek into my average day. I did not include sleep, but I typically get 8-9 hours per night.

My average weekday:

My average weekend day:

Wow. This was really eye-opening. I’ve really been downplaying how much time my blog takes up. The blogging itself (writing posts and responding to comments) only takes around 5 hours per week, but the other aspects add up quickly. I spend way too much time reading other blogs! I read blogs every time I eat, so the time quickly adds up – sometimes to two hours per day. I’m impressed with how little time I spend cooking, considering how much I eat.

I have sold almost 100 online training and nutrition programs since May, so that keeps me quite busy. The week I documented was actually less hectic than usual – the time I spend on online client training is usually higher. What I used to consider a side hobby is really how I spend the majority of my time. I am extremely grateful that is the case and I can make money doing what I love!

I clearly don’t spend much time with Rob during the week because of his work schedule (I only see him for about 45 minutes a day) so I try to spend as much time as possible with him on the Β weekends. I usually work Saturday mornings and then try to stay off the computer for the rest of the weekend. I normally don’t spend any time on my blog on weekends, but I was busy creating my Facebook page last weekend.

I spend a large part of my time commuting, but there’s not much I can do about that. It’s crazy to think that I spend more time commuting to work than actually training clients! Thankfully, my commute time is half what it once was. The chart also shows how little time my own training takes up in the grand scheme of things – no excuses!

‘Office work’ refers to my time spent as operations manager at the studio. Taking on a part-time role was actually perfect considering how much else I have going on. I totalled up my hours of office work, training clients and online programming, and I reached exactly 40 hours per week. It’s crazy how much more relaxed I feel than at my last job, even though I’m working the exact same number of hours.


From doing this experiment, I have created a few goals for myself:

1. Read more! Since I set the goal of turning off the computer at 8pm, I have been excellent at following it most of the time. But I’m usually so tired I just watch some mindless TV. Throughout the entire week, I read for a measly 30 minutes! That has to change – I would love to read for at least 15 minutes per day.

2. Cut back on blog reading. As much as I love reading everyone else’s blogs, I spend too much time doing it. While it is a relaxing activity, having an overflowing Google Reader causes me unnecessary stress. I need to cut down on the time I spend in front of a computer screen, and force my attention elsewhere. I’m aiming to limit my reading to one hour per day.

3. Stop fluffing around! Under the category of ‘cleaning’, I also included general activities like showering and laundry. I waste a lot of time doing small tasks, as I have a tendency to get distracted by emails or start dancing around the house like a crazy person.

4. Value time with loves ones. While there is nothing I can do to change Rob’s work schedule, I must continue to focus my undivided attention on him on the weekends. I would like to ignore emails and social media on the weekends.

5. Take one day completely off per week. I also realised that I do some form of work every day of the week. Lately I have started writing programs on Sunday evenings, but I must organise my time better so I don’t have to do any programming on Sundays. Emails can wait until Monday morning. It’s important that I have at least one day off so I don’t get burnt out!

I urge all of you to try this experiment, even for just a day. It really acts as a good wake up call!

How do you think you spend the majority of your time? Did anything about my days surprise you?

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