My daily carbs

My daily carbs

After posting about the fact that I am now eating carbs at night, I received a number of requests to do another post featuring my entire day’s worth of meals. I don’t do these posts often because a) I don’t want to bore you and b) it’s a huge pain remembering to take a photo of everything I eat! I apologise in advance for the terrible quality of these pictures – most were taken with my phone.

Like last time, this is just a collection of meals over various days rather than one particular day. I typically eat the same foods during the days and then mix it up for dinner.

I always start the day with 1-2 whole eggs (depending on whether I am going to the gym afterwards), 3-4 egg whites and 2/3 cup of oats with a splash of almond milk and honey. Now that it’s getting cold in the mornings I can’t go without a hot cup of tea either!

Post workout I typically have chicken, sweet potato and a piece of fruit. For the past few weeks I’ve been on a banana kick. I also have an unpictured whey protein shake beforehand.

I have my post workout meal around 11am, and then generally don’t have carbohydrates until dinner time (7pm). Sometimes I will have carbs in my 2pm meal, but it’s usually a very small amount (4-5 sweet potato wedges). I don’t really crave carbs during the day, so I prefer to just have them in the morning and at night. I find if I eat carbs during the day I never really feel hungry by the time my next meal rolls around.

My day time meals are always the same, and I typically cycle the same meal for months at a time. I was reaching my threshold of dry chicken breasts, so last week I made a huge pot of chilli and ate that all week long.

Sorry, I know that looks incredibly unappetising!

Last week I was feeling extravagant and I ordered a lamb roast stuffed with cous cous and apricots, with roasted vegetables for lunch. Yum!

Dinner time is where the fun begins! I personally prefer having quick-digesting carbs at night. I know a lot of people are scared of having refined carbohydrates, but they help me sleep better. When I eat foods like brown rice or sweet potato in the evening, I find they don’t digest properly by the time I go to bed – which interferes with my sleep. Like everything in my diet, it is just personal preference. When I was researching carb backloading I noticed that it was also based around quick-digesting carbs.

On the nights I work late, my last two meals are reversed – which means I eat one of the meals below right before crawling into bed. I haven’t woken up fat yet 😉

Chicken stir fry with rice noodles:

Penne with lean beef mince and cheese:

Red chicken curry with half a baguette and hummus (a random combination, but so good!):

Taco night! I usually have 2 or 3 tacos with the works.

Smoked salmon with salad and a baguette:

My bed time snack (literally – you will notice this photo was taken in bed!) is always the same: casein protein powder, 2 heaping tablespoons of full fat Greek yoghurt, 1-2 tablespoons of peanut butter and 1/2 teaspoon of cocoa powder:

There you have it! I really enjoy eating this way. For the first time in my life, I don’t have cravings any more. I’ve always had a sweet tooth, but eating hearty dinners like these keep me satisfied and I honestly don’t feel like dessert afterwards. I have more strength for my workouts in the morning, and I think I may be leaning out slightly in the stomach area.

Normally I go all-out with my cheat meals at the weekend (probably to my detriment, as one cheat meal often turns into two!), but because it feels like I’m cheating almost every day it’s become much easier for me to forgo a cheat. This weekend we had sushi. Normally I would never consider sushi a cheat meal, but I had no desire to cheat with anything more extravagant. The next day we had some ice cream because I felt like we needed to, but I wasn’t dying to have it like usual.

You will notice from my dinner photos that I’m not targeting any particular macro range, and I may eat more or less carbohydrates depending on how I’m feeling. I feel like this is as close to intuitive eating as I’m going to get, and I truly couldn’t be happier eating this way.

Any questions? What’s your favourite source of carbohydrate?

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