Interview with Donloree Hoffman

Interview with Donloree Hoffman

One of my favourite bloggers recently gave me the opportunity to interview her. Donloree Hoffman is an awesome, inspiring woman who has recently published her first ebook ‘If I Die, Please Bring Cheesecake to My Funeral’.

The book is a collection of short stories about her exercise-related successes and failures. It was an easy, entertaining read which I devoured in one sitting. It has many laugh-out-loud moments which left me shaking my head, and I could certainly relate to some of her clumsiness and forgetfulness (especially forgetting a bra post-workout – I am famous for that!).

Donloree has certainly had some crazy experiences in her life but it is her unique, positive approach to life which kept me reading. I would encourage anyone who has ever embarked on an exercise journey to download a copy of this book!

What moment inspired you to begin your weight loss journey?
At the age of 19, I went to the doctor and was humiliated to find I was in Obese Class 1 and pre-diabetic. Even this news wasn’t enough to make me change my ways. I felt like my health was too far-gone; what was the point in changing?

That same summer I wanted to work at a camp with junior high kids, except there was one problem. I couldn’t run across a football field without nearly collapsing and turning purple. The realization that I couldn’t play with the kids and be part of their lives in the way I wanted at camp was eye opening.

I realized my body was getting in the way of the life I wanted to live.

Looking down the road I was currently traveling, I only saw destinations like wheelchairs, oxygen masks, and sickness. These were places I did not want to go, not in the least.

I found a pair of runners at a garage sale that were my size, paid the $5 as listed on the orange sticker, and started on a new path.

How did competing in a figure competition change you as a person? Was the decision to hang up your heels a difficult one?
Competing was one part crazy, audacious goal and one part seeing what I was made out of. In the end, it turns out my journey to the stage was more about transforming who I am on the inside, rather than the outside.

I learned that I am way better than I thought I was and so is everyone else. Health and fitness is a lifetime pursuit that cannot be rushed and you never arrive. The size of my pants doesn’t matter as much as the size of my heart. On my way to the wearing an itsy, bitsy, bedazzled bikini I learned that who I am matters so much more than what I am.

Hanging up the heels was one of the hardest things I have done in a long time. I loved standing on the bodybuilding stage, but once I realized there were more stages for me to stand on that required my time and attention to get there, the decision was made.

Congratulations on your first ebook! How did you think of the idea?
I have been writing for years and compiling stories of my misadventures. On my way to a fitness camp in Indiana held by my coach, I made mention that if I died on the adventure that everyone should bring cheesecake to my funeral. I suddenly realized that I have had more ‘near death’ experiences than the one at hand and decided to put them together in a book.

What is your favourite story from the book?
Completing a triathlon was one of my big, hairy, audacious goals. Despite the long lasting and embarrassing ramifications of that adventure, I am very proud of myself. I still have the shirt from the event and whenever I wear it I remind myself that I am a superstar who loves ‘BOB’!

Thanks, Donloree! To download the book, please visit this link. To read more from Donloree, be sure to check out her blog!

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