PCOS and diet changes

PCOS and diet changes

Wow. From the bottom of my heart, I thank everyone who left a comment or emailed me after my last post. It was not easy to write but I’m glad I put myself out there. I cannot thank you all enough – your sweet comments had me in tears and reminded me why I blog, which is not because of any competition.

Some of you asked whether I plan on changing my diet because of my PCOS diagnosis (I promise this isn’t going to become a PCOS blog – this will be my last hormone-related post for a while). I plan on first modifying my diet before turning to any form of medication.

In the book I am reading, Stefani unsurprisingly recommends a Paleo diet to treat PCOS. I resisted the idea at first, as I am generally not a fan of Paleo eating. However, given that I have been on medication for my skin for almost six weeks with no change, I want to give it a shot.

Starting next week, I will be following a Paleo diet with no cheats until I go on holiday over Christmas.Β I want to first use up the non-Paleo food I have in the house and work out what on earth I’m going to buy during my next trip to the grocery store.

Let me be clear that I am viewing this as yet another nutrition experiment for myself (much as I have tried low carb, high carb and carb backloading in the past), and I am not recommending that others follow a Paleo diet.

I know Paleo has worked well for some people, but there is usually a clear genetic reason why it works. Too many people view it as the latest weight loss craze. In fact, I have converted a number of my clients from Paleo to non-Paleo and they are happier for it.

Paleo is very restrictive and I can’t understand why anyone would voluntarily choose to eat this way without a valid medical reason. Planning to embark on this experiment has not been a matter of figuring out what I cannot eat, but rather trying to navigate what it is I can eat.

I’m going to overload on meat and vegetables. I have to watch my fruit intake, as I am extra sensitive to fructose having PCOS. I can have olive/coconut oils and all nuts but peanuts.

I cannot eat dairy or wheat, so every single meal I have throughout the day needs to be modified. No more oatmeal, post-workout protein powder, rice, beans, bread, pasta, noodles, peanut butter or pre-bed casein. What a nightmare.Β Rob has been amazing throughout all of this and, despite my protests, he has promised not to eat any non-Paleo foods in front of me.

No more Taco Tuesday πŸ™

This is all so frustrating because I feel like I’ve finally reached peace with my body and nutrition. For the past few months, ever since introducing carbs at night, I have stopped thinking about food entirely. I have been eating much more intuitively and my body has been happy.

I’m worried that I will lose weight eating this way, which I do not want. My current diet is about 40-45 per cent carbohydrates, which is the highest it’s ever been. By switching to Paleo, I can’t imagine even reaching 20 per cent.Β I am planning on stuffing myself full of potatoes to limit muscle loss.

Maybe Paleo will change my life, who knows? I wanted to get my honest thoughts down about Paleo now before my feelings change. I cannot emphasise enough that this is merely an experiment for me and I am not recommending anyone try this at home.

After my 30 day experiment is up, I plan on re-introducing certain foods one at a time to see how my body reacts. I don’t want to be this restrictive for the rest of my life.

Some words of encouragement please! Who is following a Paleo diet out there?

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