Diet and training updates

Diet and training updates

I officially started following the Paleo diet on Monday (see this post to find out why). After three days, I’m pleased to report everything is going good. Surprisingly, I am not starving or missing my oatmeal as much as I expected.

The biggest change has been switching from seven meals a day to just four (this is not a Paleo thing, but a PCOS recommendation). I thought I would die not eating as often considering I’ve been eating that way for years. I certainly feel hungry by the time it comes to eat, but it’s not uncomfortable. I actually enjoy the freedom of eating less frequently and it makes meal prep much easier.

A lot of people have asked what I’m eating for breakfast now that I can’t have oatmeal. I’ve been frying some diced bacon in butter and then making an omelette with three whole eggs and some spinach. Hello, heart attack! I have a banana on the side on those mornings I go straight to the gym. Today was a rest day and I just had the bacon and eggs, and didn’t eat again for five hours! Never thought I would go that long without carbs and not gnaw off my hands.

The only thing that has been tough is eating around my workouts. Because the break between my meals is now 4-5 hours, I’m trying to wait long enough to go to the gym so that I don’t rush my next meal, but I also have to make sure I don’t feel hungry while I’m training. Post workout I typically have 200 grams of steak, a big baked potato and half a cup of blueberries.

My third meal of the day is chicken, vegetables and nuts. For my final meal of the day, I’m trying to branch out and be creative. Instead of bread or tortillas, I’m having a big baked potato with butter and salt alongside my regular meal. I made Erica’s taco meatballs last night, and I’m making her lamb zucchini boats tonight.

Nothing can compare to the 2 minute meal prep it takes to make regular tacos, but last night’s dinner was pretty good. I am actually more inspired to cook a decent recipe (i.e. more than 5 minutes of preparation required!) at night now that I’m not having to eat so many times during the day.

The final change is that I’m not eating before bed anymore. My last meal is about two hours before bed. I definitely miss my casein pudding! I’ve been drinking peppermint tea after dinner as that is supposed to help with lowering testosterone levels. Not quite the same as my favourite Lindt sea salt chocolate…

My embarrassing training moment
I decided to do one final round of 5/3/1, and this week is my max testing week. Bench day went well and I hit 46kg (101 lbs) for three reps.

But yesterday, during my squat session, I failed the lift and fell on my butt for the first time ever. I wasn’t working out at my usual gym, and this one didn’t have a proper power rack with safety bars.

I’ve been having issues with my squats for about four months now, so I’ve been spending about 20 minutes warming up each week. The gym I was at yesterday was also under renovation so there was nowhere to warm up. I quickly stretched my hip flexors and then got straight into it. My first two sets (57.5kg and 65kg) felt easy and I loaded the bar with 72.5kg (160 lbs) for my top set with confidence.

I don’t know how much of me failing the set had to do with the fact that I’m running on a much lower level of carbs or that I didn’t warm up properly, but once I went down I just couldn’t get back up. I’ve really been concentrating on getting below parallel lately, and I just reached that point of no return.

Kinda like this (haha!):

I fell out of the squat backwards as gracefully as I could. One of the trainers rushed over to apologise for not getting there in time to save me! He had seen the look of panic on my face and preempted my fall. He then complimented my form, saying that at least nobody could question my depth. The gym was packed when I arrived but, thankfully, only about four people were in the room went I stacked it – and nobody even batted an eyelid at me, ha.

The whole thing took me by surprise. My last max attempt was 69kg, where I managed 5 reps, and I have hit 80kg before for reps – albeit with less depth.

The good part of the experience was that I now know what it is like to fail a squat. I have always been scared of squatting super heavy in case of failing and making an ass of myself, but it really wasn’t that bad. Granted, I’m not in a hurry to fail a lift again, but at least I have experienced the worst that could happen and I luckily didn’t injure myself.

Before this incident, I had already planned to take some time off back squatting anyway. I want to spend more time on mobility and focus on front squats and overhead squats for a while. This makes the decision that little bit easier 😉

Have you ever failed a lift before? What is your favourite non-oatmeal breakfast?

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