A German Christmas

A German Christmas

Berlin was the nice, relaxing break I needed. We literally could not do anything for the first three days (December 24th-26th) as almost everything was closed. Luckily, most of the restaurants nearby were open.

I know you’re all curious as to how I stuck to Paleo throughout the week. Well, wait for it…. I didn’t. I think my first two meals were Paleo-approved, but then my good intentions went out the window.


Seriously, schnitzel without breading is no fun!

My diet was about 80% carbohydrate over the week, and all kinds of carbs I should not have been having. I tried to still limit dairy, although I did have a hot chocolate almost every day. I also had dessert every single day (no shame!) which was either a crepe, ice cream or strudel. Not to mention the giant jar of Nutella we kept in our room for the week and the chocolate basket the hotel gifted us with.Β Hmmm, so I guess I didn’t restrict dairy that much then.





My skin broke out a little bit (but nowhere near as bad as I expected!), but it was a risk I was willing to take for a week of sugary sweetness.

German food is seriously good. One of my wise readers recommended Currywurst (basically a sausage covered in spicy sauce), which was awesome.


My favourite snack, however, was Hirstenbrot. OMG. Berlin had numerous Christmas markets scattered all over the city selling Hirstenbrot, so you can bet I had this multiple times. It’s basically just shredded meat in a pita pocket with onions and sauce, but SO MUCH MORE.

DSCF4275Β Germans actually do a decent semi-Paleo breakfast, minus the bread and cheese.

DSCF4212Β And minus the muesli….


So Paleo! Haha

So Paleo! Haha

German mac n cheese!

German mac n cheese!

How sexy is my husband?!

How sexy is my husband?!

The thing I’ve missed the most since going Paleo is sushi. Funnily enough, Berlin seems to be the capital of Asian food. We were lucky enough to have an all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant (for only 15 euros!!) right around the corner from our hotel.


Now, anyone who knows Rob knows that he eats a LOT of sushi. He must have been restraining himself, because I beat him! Eleven plates, baby – this girl can eat!


I would have eaten even more if I hadn’t been wearing a new tight and see-through dress:


Given how much wheat I ate over the week, I think it’s safe to say it doesn’t seem to affect my skin too much. That being said, I felt like absolute crap for the last few days of the trip. That lovely light feeling I talked about before I left? Gone. I felt sluggish, tired, heavy and bloated.

Rob and I walk a lot under normal circumstances, but on holiday we average around 15km per day. We’re crazy people. We went to a few museums, including the Jewish museum – which was a bit of a letdown to be honest.







We also did a LOT of shopping. Well, mostly me. I have an addiction. I seriously need to stop it as I’m running out of room in my closet. At least I’m replacing all of the clothes I had to get rid of when we moved.


I was surprisingly ecstatic to jump back on the Paleo bandwagon when we arrived back in London. I took the week off lifting and my first leg workout this week was killer – seriously, the most intense case of DOMS I have ever experienced.

It might sound crazy to some, but I really missed being at work. When you have an amazing job you don’t want to be away. It’s good to be back and focused on tackling my 2013 goals!

How did you spend your Christmas?

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