A deadlift video and a poll

A deadlift video and a poll

Hi guys! It was my birthday yesterday and I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate than attempting a deadlift PR. Rob joked that I have performed a complete 180: from my lowest point of putting myself through the cabbage soup diet before my wedding, to wanting nothing more than to deadlift on my birthday. Ha.

Anyway, I captured the magic on video. I have no idea why the first clip is so wonky (I blame Rob!), but stick with it because I promise it clears up. I also cut out the audio to spare you from my cursing. Rob was also trying to be artsy with his filming at the end, so apologies for the motion sickness.

I wasn’t feeling confident about hitting 100, to be honest. 90 felt tough and my form on 95 felt terrible. I went for it anyway, and even tried 105 twice afterwards but couldn’t get the bar off the ground. Having Rob there definitely helped as he always knows the right thing to say (“shut up and lift the damn weight!”). It was definitely a fantastic birthday present!Β I shot the video at work, which was lovely and quiet on a Sunday afternoon.

So, without further ado… (if the video doesn’t come up below, click here)

While I am pimping my videos, you guys seemed to like the dancing video I posted a while back. So here are two more!

In this one, I am at the top left wearing grey with my hair out:

And in this one, I am basically in the middle of the screen wearing all black:

Finally, I’m thinking of adding a new feature to the blog. Today I’m beginning a 12-16 week cut, which will ideally end in a photoshoot, and I’ve been thinking of updating the blog with a post about my progress either weekly or fortnightly.

I realise not many people know what exactly goes into a serious cut/lean out, so I thought about documenting all aspects of it – my diet, exercise, energy levels, hormonal shifts, digestion issues, etc. Please take my poll or leave a comment to let me know whether that’s something you’d be interested in or not!

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