Back to the grind

Back to the grind

I am gradually starting to feel like a normal person again, even though I might not look like one. While my first experience leaving the house post-surgery was scary, it’s becoming easier each time.

On the weekend, I ventured out for 6 hours on both days with my eye patch firmly in place. On Sunday we went to Camden Town, which was a disaster as there were literally thousands of people there. It was the busiest I’ve ever seen it, and any Londoner will tell you that’s saying something. One spectacular douchebag actually told me to “watch it” when he nearly spilt his open cup of tea all over me. I gave him a right earful!

I’m feeling much more confident moving about and I’ve been able to keep my eye open (well, as far as it will open, that is) for most of the past two days.

I can certainly see why the doctors have banned me from exercising. At first, my eye felt quite painful all the time so it was hard to distinguish pain caused by the surgery and pain caused by my own movement. Now my eye doesn’t hurt, unless I stand up or sit down, or tilt my head forwards or backwards. I’ve never realised how much your blood pressure increases with such small movements! My whole eye seizes up and feels bruised for a few seconds before returning to normal. I can’t even imagine trying to do something as low impact as a bodyweight squat right now.

Here’s a random aside. I noticed one of my pictures on my last post disappeared (which I had originally copied from a booklet) so I googled “retinal detachment buckle procedure”. OMG. Do NOT do the same if you want to keep your breakfast down. Here’s me hoping for a nice cartoon picture and what do I get? Photographs of the actual surgery!! Thank god I did not do that before my operation or my panic attack would have been much, much worse. Ew ew ew.


Tomorrow I’m planning on going back to work. I won’t be able to train anyone for a few more weeks, but I can certainly start back with my office work. I’m lucky that I only do 3-4 hours per day, at a time of my own choosing, so it’s very flexible.

I just hope the guys at work don’t tease me too much about my eye patch… I do look pretty ridiculous as I have to wear my glasses over the top – your eyes are a lot less independent than you realise, as I can’t even open my right eye enough to get a contact lens in.

Moving around on the weekend made me realise how important it is to get out of this house! Returning to work will be the first step to regaining some normalcy. And I can finally stop all the comfort eating I’ve been doing!

I have no shame in admitting I had ice cream last week!

I have no shame in admitting I had ice cream last week!

A few of you have asked if I am still taking online clients and doing program renewals, and the answer is absolutely! If I can’t train people in person, you bet I will be doing as many online programs as I can to keep me sane. Please contact me if you are interested.

Now I have a question for you: what would you like to see me blog about? Now that I’m not training and only going to be doing a few hours of work per day, I have plenty of free time on my hands. I know there is only so much blithering on about myself you guys can handle so I want to put out some quality posts for you. Even if I can’t train myself, I do remember how it’s done 😉

So please let me know if you have any topic requests in the comments below!

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