Lean Out: Week Three

Lean Out: Week Three

The last week of my plan to lean out was the best week yet. My friends were gone so I ate much fewer meals out at restaurants. I suffered really bad bloating for most of last week, which is probably due to the large amount of bread I consumed! So the plan for the coming week is to stay away from bread.

Every week keeps getting better and better. I managed to squat 40kg and deadlift 50kg for eight reps each (50% of my 1RM for both – which sounds pathetic when I write it like that). While I was deadlifting, a guy came up to me to tell me how impressed he was with my strength. The ego maniac within me wanted to die as I sheepishly mumbled something about usually being able to lift more. This is the first week where I felt no pain (pain is a strong word – more like a sensation) in my eye during any of my weight workouts. I know I can lift heavier; I’m just biding my time.

My workouts were the same as last week’s, but I am changing things up this week. I did yoga for the first time since my accident, and actually felt more pain in my eye doing downward dogs than during deadlifts. Weird. Oh and I’m finally allowed to wear contact lenses and eye makeup again, so I feel things are finally back to normal after my accident.

I ate mostly clean for the whole week. The highlight of the week was definitely PaleOMG’s crockpot Barbacoa. OMG, all right. This picture does not do it justice – if you have a crockpot, make it!


We also had some awesome salads this week. Who says dieting is boring?! This one had chicken, egg, bacon, blue cheese and sun-dried tomatoes with a cranberry balsamic dressing.


I had a cheat meal on Thursday afternoon. Rob finished work early and the weather was nice (two things that rarely happened in this town!) so I met Rob for an after-work (non-alcoholic) drink and snack. I had some amazing sausage rolls and we shared a hazelnut chocolate brownie with peanut butter ice cream (no pic, but OMG) for dessert.

Homemade sausage rolls!

Homemade sausage rolls!

I wasn’t planning on having another cheat for the rest of the week, but I was stuck at my brother-in-law’s on Saturday night with pizza being the only option (again!). Unlike last time, I limited the number of slices I had and didn’t have dessert as well!

Next week I will finally start to make some dietary changes. I can only lose fat by eating a ‘clean’ amount of 2000+ calories Β for so long!

I am down 0.5kg from last week. I’ve lost 1 centimetre in my waist and butt, but seemed to have gained a centimetre in my hips and chest (no idea why my chest is growing so much, but it’s welcome haha!).

Sunday morning I took my formal, non-phone progress pictures. Looking at those pictures was not easy and no, I’m not ready to share them yet! My body has never looked this bad, and I see flab everywhere I look. On the positive side, I have never been more motivated to stick to my diet perfectly and get rid of my saddle bags!

My goal is to be at my leanest for my second trip to Montenegro in August, which means I have 16 weeks. I keep switching between the mindset of thinking that I have plenty of time so there’s no need to be strict yet, and the completely opposite (irrational!) thought of having too much to do in too little time.

How long do you give yourself to lean out?

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