Lean Out: Week Six

Lean Out: Week Six

I’m still plugging along trying to lean out. My motivation ebbs and flows but I’ve been sticking to the “diet”. Despite my aesthetic goals, my number one focus is still building my strength back up.

Last week’s training was exactly the same as the previous week’s. My upper body is roaring along and I managed to hit a 30kg (65 lbs) overhead press and a 40kg (90lbs) bench for 4 reps each. Not bad considering how weak I was just a few short weeks ago!

I was determined to add more weight to my squat last week, but pain in my right hip flexor prevented me from doing so. I hit 55kg (121 lbs) again for 6 reps but I’m absolutely dying to do more. I hate leg day at the moment!

skip leg day

I’m making exciting progress with my deadlifts. I hit 85kg (187 lbs) for 3 reps twice, meaning my current 1RM is around 90kg. My back rounded a little, but I always think my form is worse than it is. I’m really proud of myself for coming so far so quickly, and I really look forward to every workout.

I haven’t felt any pain in my eye while lifting for several weeks now. I’m going in for a check-up (hopefully my last!) this Thursday, so I will know for certain whether lifting has affected my recovery or not.

Last week I did two cardio sessions – another sprint session (my calves were not nearly as sore as last time) and a quick finisher after an upper body workout.

I tried to do yoga but ripped my brand new pair of Flag nor Fail pants as I sat down (it wasn’t my big ass that ripped them, but rather a piece of wood sticking out from my floorboards haha). I was so mad and I couldn’t relax afterwards, so yoga was out. Hopefully I can fit in some stretching this week because my body needs it!

In all honesty, I’m feeling a little frustrated at how my body is responding to my dietary changes. Since last week, all my measurements have stayed the same but I have somehow gained half a kilo. I don’t really pay much attention to the scale but it’s frustrating to not even see my measurements shift. It’s especially annoying considering I lost 5 kilos last year (which I regained after the accident) just by switching to Paleo.

I've been on a major salad kick since the weather improved!

I’ve been on a major salad kick since the weather improved!

Patience is a virtue and, despite the urge to ramp things up, I’m sticking to the original plan. I’m not making any dietary changes this week. I rarely feel hungry between meals, but I will devote another post explaining the reasoning behind that.

The good news is I’m really not wanting to cheat at all. This week I had a bunch of potato chips while watching hockey, but nothing else.

Never get sick of Paleo pad thai!

Never get sick of Paleo pad thai!

I found this yoghurt at Whole Foods last week and snapped it up – one thing I do miss is having Greek yoghurt. This was a good substitute but the macros aren’t very good so I won’t be making it a regular habit!


I do feel leaner, even if my measurements tell me otherwise. I feel lighter, even though my weight has increased. There is definitely a little bit of body dysmorphia going on as some days I feel great and think I look awesome, but the very next day I can feel overwhelmed by how much work I have left to do. There’s now 12 weeks until my summer holidays begin, so it feels like crunch time!

Do you ever feel discouraged by slow progress?

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