Lean Out: Week Seven

Lean Out: Week Seven

After reaching a kind of plateau last week, this week was tough mentally. If it was a test, I failed, but it also inspired me to come up with a foolproof plan of attack for the remainder of my lean out.

I’m starting to sound like a broken record, but training went really well last week. I had to lift Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday because of my eye appointment. It’s been well over a year since I worked out more than two days in a row, so my body was in shock!

In terms of notable post-accident PRs, I squatted 60kg (132lbs) for 3 reps. My squats are finallyย starting to feel good again! I benched 40kg (88lbs) for 2 sets of 4, and it felt a lot easier than last week. I overhead pressed 32.5kg (72lbs) for 3 reps. I also finallyย did my first post-accident chin-up!

The big news is that I hit a 90kg (198lbs) deadlift! It was a bit of a grinder, but the good news is every time I’ve suffered through a tough rep, it feels easy the next week. Case in point: 85kg was major struggle town for me the previous week but it felt like a feather just seven days later.

Last Monday was the hottest day of the year so far so I took the opportunity to go on one of those ‘exploring’ runs I used to do around my newish neighbourhood, and found a great new pub I dragged Rob to on the weekend. I ran for about 40 minutes, with a few sprints thrown in. I took a few breaks to walk when my calves started cramping.

On Thursday, it was my boss’s birthday so we all went out for ribs at Sticky Fingers. I was the only woman among a big group of dudes, as is usually the case. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – a personal trainer is a great career choice for single ladies!


The ribs and sweet potato fries were amazing but I woke up with a serious sugar hangover from the BBQ sauce. My appetite didn’t return until Saturday!

On Saturday Rob and I went to the aforementioned pub and had a late lunch. I picked the most Paleo-friendly option: bangers and mash!


We then walked to a new-to-us suburb (Chiswick) and did some window shopping. As we were walking to the tube station, we happened to pass by a fro-yo shop, Samba Swirl. Rob and I walk an average of 3-4 hours each day of the weekend, so I felt like I’d earned it!

I’d been to their shop in Clapham before so I knew what to expect. Thankfully, unlike most fro-yo places in the UK, you pay based on weight rather than individual topping. Either way, it’s still overpriced but weighing works out cheaper. This bad boy was a mix of chocolate and peanut butter flavoured frozen yoghurt, with brownie bits, blueberries, Snickers and chocolate bullets. It was ยฃ6 (almost US$10!).


We then went home and ordered in sushi, which was sadly just average. Who says you can’t have dessert before dinner?


In the interest of full disclosure, on Sunday I also had an almond croissant, truffle fries, goat cheese croquettes and half a baguette. I always do this – one ‘bad’ meal makes me fall off the wagon completely and sabotage myself.

The good news is that it’s led me to make the crazy decision to cut out all off-plan treats and cheats starting next week. Unfortunately in my case, one leads to many, and it really affects my progress. This weekend is our anniversary trip to Birmingham. Although we are going to BodyPower, we will also be having a decadent dinner and plenty of wine (hello, the name of our hotel translates to house of wine!). When we get back, we’ll have 10 weeks until Montenegro. 10 weeks is close enough to kick my butt into gear and buckle down to make some serious progress!

The good news is that I finally feel comfortable in my skin again. I feel more muscular than I ever have (totally ‘bulky’, haha) and, even if my measurements haven’t changed, I can definitely see a difference in my body composition and the fit of my clothes.

What’s the longest you’ve gone without having an off-plan meal? What’s your favourite fro-yo topping?

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